Dereszla Tokaj Kabar Hungary

Christmas wine: Dereszla Kabar, Tokaj

An exciting, almost unknown grape variety from our precious Tokaj wine region. Try it with honeyed pork knucke!

%100 Kabar – a hardly known grape varirty of Tokaj.
Kabar is a new variety (the crossing was made in 1967 in Tarcal research centre) allowed in the Tokaj wine region since 2006. Kabar represents only 1 percentage of Tokaj plantations. Exclusively grown in Tokaj, in fact it is an experimental strain previously known as Tarcal 10 that is a cross between Hárslevelű and Bouvier. It ripens at a similar time to Zéta, but produces lower yields. Kabar has a good tendency to accumulate sugar, botrytises well to become an aszú grape, but because of its thicker skin the aszú berries are less vulnerable to rainy periods. Kabar gives wines with some linden blossom on the nose and high acidity on the palate.

The grapes were harvested by hand. Pressing in whole bunches, matured in secound use 3/6 hl barrel for 6 months.

Dereszla Kabar is a superb example of the variety. The linden notes typical of this grape variety are paired with the vanilla aromas from the barrel ageing. Lovely, long finish.

What to pair with
Ideal walads, pasta dishes, fish or poultry plates, and delicious by itself. Try it with honeyed pork knuckle! Recipe here.

Where and how much
The Netherlands
– Hanos wine shop, 10.95 euro
– Bovino, 19.50 euro (vintage 2021)
– Siersma, 19.95 euro (vintage 2020)

– Happy Wines, 91.40 euro / 6 bottles (vintage 2020)

– Wine Shop 24, 20.40 euro (vintage 2018)
– Monarchia Wine Trade, 9.76 euro (vintage 2018)


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Honeyed knuckle with Dereszla Kabar

Honeyed knuckle with Dereszla Kabar

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