Dark mould under the ground? Or shockingly modern, state-of-the-art estates? 7 breathtaking wineries of Hungary

Hungary’s winery architecture has changed a lot in the last decade. If you haven’t visited the country recently, it’s time to do so! You will be taken aback!

  1. Kreinbacher Estate, Somló – estate buildings like black basaltic stonesWinery

Modern architecture gives a unique scenery for cellar visits where guests can explore the winemaking heritage of Somló and get to know all the steps how sparkling wines are born. To the north of Lake Balaton, right at the foot of Somló Hill, the estate awaits guest with a stylish winebar and bistro, design rooms and wine programs. The design of the rooms keeps the contemporary architecture but also incorporates traditional values through the details. Urban and industrial styles are merged with rustic elements of the countryside.

  1. Etyeki Kúria, Etyek – huge glass surfaces to create the ‘as if we were there” experienceThe winery

‘Öreghegy’, as the name indicates (literally ‘Old Hill’) is full of old wine cellars. Etyeki Kúria owns one of them, but the old cellar has recently been renewed. In 2011 the grape processing center was completely renovated and an attractive and modern wine tasting room of pleasant atmosphere was built. Thanks to the huge glass surface, one can see the vinification procedures without entering the fermenting area. And in the glass walled tasting room one can see the vineyards when tasting the fruit of them, unforgettable!

  1. Haraszthy Vineyards, Etyek – cool swimming pool and fine diningSwiming pool

A few steps upwards the hill from Etyeki Kúria, you will find another winery worth visiting, Haraszthy Vineyards. Haraszthy is not only about creating value by producing high quality wines but also to provide unforgettable memories to their visitors. In 2008 they opened Cinnamon restaurant right next to the winery to fully satisfy gastronomy lovers’ passion. Cinnamon offers fine dining with courses of international cuisine which harmonize perfectly with Haraszthy wines.

  1. Lajvér Winery, Szekszárd – modern estate building in the rhythm of the grape terracesszalka_lajvar_boraszat_i

Lajvér estate building is a great example of state-of-the-art wineries: the architecture is cleverly follows the views of the vineyard, as if the building was a part of the vineyard terraces, the sections of the building are nearly waving with its geometric forms. The intention was to create a winery, which is part of its environment. Well, the intention was fulfilled!

  1. Gróf Buttler Winery, Eger – a winery carved into terroirbuttler

Nagy-Eged hill, a special territory regarding its location and its soil composition, is a true Grand Cru terroir. The plantations extend up to 501 metres above sea level, making them the highest vine plantations in Hungary. Gróf Buttler Winery has vineyards in this precious land, and their stunning winery building is also on Nagy-Eged hill, and is truly part of the terroir. The 2200 square meters winery complex was designed by architect Péter Kis.

  1. Frittmann Winery, Kunság – interactive winery visit and visitor friendly shopping

Frittmann Winery was renewed in 2007 and in 2013 a wine shop and a new, spectacular show case winery was added so that the visitors can learn the process of winemaking and can choose the wines to buy in a nice shop in pleasant atmosphere. In the wine shop one can taste samples from an Enomatic wine dispenser to decide which wine to buy, while in the show case winery visitors can walk on a bridge above to stainless steel tanks enjoying an interactive program.

  1. Csányi Winery, Villány – watching the bottling while tastingpinceborkostol__oldalrol_vill_150dpi

The biggest winery of Villány wine region is under constant development, at the moment they are building new fermenting vessels. In the modern estate building we can find a nice tasting room with an impressive, huge tasting table, but the top attraction of the room is the glass wall, through which we can see the bottling line working. Would you like a glass of wine? We will bottle it, just watch it!



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