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Tóth Ferenc Winery, Eger

The family winery founded by Ferenc Tóth has a long history of working with chocolate masters. This Saturday the estate awaits wine and chocolate lovers again at their cellar in Eger, and those who cannot make it this weekend, they can simply order the wine & chocolate pairings from the webshop of the estate.

How to pair wine with chocolate?

– As the team of Tóth Ferenc Winery recommends, we should start with a sip of wine, then we can bite from the chocolate, then we should finish again with another sip from the wine.
– It is essential to serve both the chocolate and the wines at proper temperature.
– Also, it is useful to consume something moderately salty, neutral biscuit and water between the pairings.

The liaison of a Little Miss from Eger and a Cuban guy

If you click on SELECTIONS on the left toolbar on this link, you can find four chocolate pairings. Whether you like white or red wines, dry or sweet wine, milk or dark, spicy or fruity chocolate, you will find your favourite. Some pairings are quite obvious: Kadarka, the fruity, spicy indigenous, lighter red wine pairs perfectly with the milk chocolate cherry dragée. However, the late harvest sweet Egri Leányka Superior paired with Cuban dark chocolate might sound surprising. Yet, believe the experts, that is what they say:

“The silky texture of the Cuban dark chocolate, with its brilliantly glossy texture can enhance this taste experience thanks to its physalis and cinnamon blossom content. The deep cocoa and discreetly smoky flavours of the chocolate give the wine a creamy texture. At the same time, the pleasant acidity of the wine and the physalis lightens the character of the chocolate. Tasted together, the spiciness is even more pronounced in both. The sensation of a perfect, soul-warming mulled wine is evoked, this time made memorable by the caressing, lovely aromas of cinnamon blossom.”

Leányka is an indigenous white grape, often used in the famous Eger white blend called Egri Csillag (The Star of Eger). ‘Leányka’ literally means ‘Little Miss’ or ‘Little Girl’.

Order chocolate and wine pairings from Tóth Ferenc Winery webshop (click on Selections on the left)

For shipment to other countries, please, contact the winery here.

Tóth Ferenc wines are available in several countries, for example in Germany by Ungarische Weine and they are also looking for importers in some other countries. If you are interested, contact Eva Barta, the export manager of the estate.

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Tóth Ferenc wines with chocolate from Eger, Hungary

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