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Taste it, like it, share it!

On the first day of February we are celebrating furmint for the second time. This popular variety of the Carpathian Basin lends itself to an extremely wide range of winemaking styles. The diversity of Furmint is really spectacular ranging from sparkling wines and light, racy dry wines to more substantial, barrel aged wines and sweet late harvests, Tokaj Szamorodnis and Aszús. 1 February 2018 is Furmint Day again. One of the most important Hungarian grape varieties Furmint has been linked first and foremost to Tokaj for a very long time however in recent years new plantings have been on the rise in other regions of Hungary and the neighbouring countries as well. The general customer was won over by the dry, village and single vineyard Furmints and now younger generations are looking for light, racy, vibrant styles. It is the diversity of soils and microclimates in the various vineyards that provides a solid foundation for the ever improving quality of dry Furmints.

Experts are convinced, so now it’s the customers’ turn

Furmint Day is the brainchild of Dániel Kézdy who believes that the variety deserves wider recognition on the international scene and Furmint Day can help to achieve this goal. Furmint Day joins Furmint February which is in its ninth year now in Hungary and is a series of events lasting for a whole month with the purpose of turning the spotlight on this variety.

I’ve been studying furmint for a long time and have learnt that in terms of winemaking styles it offers great variety. What is more the unvariably elegant acidity and the ability to transmit terroir characteristics makes it a worthy candidate for an important player in international markets. The majority of sommeliers, wine experts and wine merchants who have tasted Furmint formed a favourable opinion of it, so the next task ahead is to convince customers to make furmint a regular item on their shopping lists. This can’t be too difficult to achieve”, says Dániel Kézdy.

Dániel Kézdy

Taste it, like it, share it!

Furmint Day aims to draw the public’s attention to this special, exciting and really lovable variety. Our hope is that many winelovers will seize the opportunity to taste furmints on 1 February 2018 the 2nd International Furmint Day and share their experience with others using the hashtag #furmintday.

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Three absolutely different Furmint wines

If you are convinced as well, find a Furmint in our website by writing Furmint in the search box at the top. Among the many Furmint related articles you will find several fact sheets of stunning Furmint wines. Here are just three of them to start.

  • Béres Tokaji Lőcse Furmint, Tokaj

    A full bodied, elegant Furmint with almond notes, firm acidity and minerality. Elegant vanilla notes resulting from new oak on the nose. When tasting, the mineral terroir notes due to the vulcanic soil can be detected besides the new oak character.

Unmistakenly Furmint on the nose with green apple, pear, citrus fruits, white flowers and some acacia honey. Exciting palate with vivid, crispy acidity, lively fruitiness. With its peculiar salty notes the wine represents the distinctive minerality of Somló wines. A beautifully layered, balanced wine with long finish.

Elegant harmony of fruitiness and fine oak aromas. On palate it has a unique balance with some spicy nose. The creamy body is supported by subtle minerality and structured, smooth acidity framed with hearty alcohol and discrete, oak-derived tannin. A rich white wine with long, refreshing aftertaste characterized by citrus aromas.

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