Koch Villányi Franc

Koch Villányi Franc from the cover

A “playboy” for Sunday

My sister is the tasting coordinator of VinCE Magazine, and yesterday during our usual hour-long phone chat she mentioned Koch Villányi Franc. She had a chance to re-taste it after the panel tasting, and she said it had been absolutely “yummy”.

But let’s go back to the serious wine evaluations. Koch Villányi Franc 2017 is not the winner of the tasting, it was Heumann La Trinità, as we reported earlier. Koch wine is the 5th one, it might not have the elegance of the winner or the second best Gere Attila Villányi Franc, however, it has the charm to seduce a much wider audience. As the members of the panel discussed after the tasting, Koch Villányi Franc is the one to buy as a present, we cannot make a mistake with it. The perfect balance makes it a favourite of many. Just enough barrel use, the fruit and spice you expect, the proper level of tannins. As for tannins, some experts found them not fully integrated, while my sister adored the tannin structure and with more than 15 years of tasting I believe her. So let us admire the “cover boy” of the magazine, this seductive playboy with every charming detail of it!

Opinion of VinCE panel:

“Dark ruby colour with garnet hue. Rich, mature, complex, spicy nose with pronounced dark chocolate, some plum and blackcurrant. Layered palate with firm structure, medium acidity, barrel tones and masculine tannins.”

Cover photo by VinCE Magazine

More about Koch Winery

You can order Koch wines from Winelovers Webshop, they ship to every European country!

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