Sol Montis Syrah Soufflé

“Love” soufflé and Sol Montis Syrah

Dessert to match a Super 12 red wine

As we reported earlier, the Super 12 lists have been announced, and one of the newcomers on the list is Sol Montis winery from Mátra wine region. Now we will share Zita Kovács’s favourite dessert recipe, which pairs perfectly with the Syrah – one of the 12 best red wines according to the Hungarian wine writers.

Sol Montis Syrah 2018

Mátra was first and foremost famous for its white wines, but black grapes gain more and more parcels in the vineyards. The winner Syrah comes from the first vintage of the vineyard. It fermented in stainless steel and then matured in barrel for 6 months. The nose is abundant in blueberries, as if we were standing in a garden full of the blue fruit.

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“Love” soufflé

This recipe appeared first in the book “Gyengébb? Nem!” by Edit Szabó, a collection of interviews with and recipes of female winemakers. In the book Zita recommends Fajzat Cuvée with the dessert, however the newly awarded Syrah can also match the chocolate dessert.


  • 100 g dark chocolate
  • 100 g butter
  • 4 eggs
  • 80 g flour
  • 80 g castor sugar


  • Break the chocolate into smaller pieces and melt it with the butter above the steam of boiling water.
  • Beat the eggs and add the gradually to the buttery chocolate. Mix it until smooth.
  • Keep on stirring and add the flour and the sugar. Be careful and stir constantly to avoid lumps.
  • Spread 4 soufflé molds with butter and divide the dough into the 4 molds.
  • Bake them for 11 minutes at 200 C. Do not take the 11 minutes as seriously as the Bible, watch your soufflé instead and remove it when it increased significantly. A soufflé is the best when the inside is still liquid.
  • Serve it with red fruits.
Zita Kovács
Zita Kovács of Sol Montis estate

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