Ákos Kamocsay Hilltop Premium Chardonnay 2019

Kamocsay Premium Chardonnay – The Best Hungarian White Wine

Grand Prix by the Hungarian Circle of Wine Writers

The Circle of Wine Writers have selected the so called Super 12 white and red wines for the 6th time. Being on the list is prestige in itself, but to be selected the best of the best ones is a serious accolade. The Hungarian Wine Grand Prix 2021 goes to Neszmély wine region for the first time, since Hilltop Kamocsay Prémium Chardonnay 2019 collected the most points at the blind tasting. As for the red wines, Günzer Tamás Mátyás Cuvée 2018 is the winner from Villány – which is the 3rd victory for Villány wine region.

The most wines on the list are from Tokaj and Villány (4-4), followed by Szekszárd (3). 16 wines are varietal wines while 8 wines are blends. The most used variety among the Super 24 are Cabernet Franc (8), Merlot (6), Furmint (5) and Syrah/Shiraz (4).

Elegance in every drop

Kamocsay wines are the premium line of Hilltop estate in Neszmély wine region. Ákos Kamocsay chief winemaker has won several awards, among others he is Winemaker of the Year 1999. Hilltop Kamocsay Premium Chardonnay 2019 is an estate wine, the blend of Chardonnay wines from different vineyards. Fermented and matured in stainless steel with 3 months of batonnage. Bottled after 14 months. Concentrated, layered, elegant wine with typical Chardonnay notes, mainly white flesh and tropical fruits like pineapple and sugar melon. Due to the batonnage we can discover fine buttery notes and creamy texture.

About the process

The process of the selection is complicated and accurate: each member of the circle nominates 3 white and 3 red wines from the last 5 vintages. Then each member votes for the wines on the list, but in the first round they cannot vote for their own nominees. After several rounds of voting the Super 12 white and Super 12 red lists are born. Then the wine writers gather for a blind tasting to select the winners. They taste all the wines twice, in different order, in two different committees, thus the selection is rigorous.

The Super 12 white wines (in alphabetical order)

The Super 12 red wines (in alphabetical order) 

Circle of Hungarian Wine Writers
Circle of Hungarian Wine Writers – the jury 2021

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