More lovely Hungarian wines at Lidl selection in Europe

Eszterbauer Fuxli and other good price-value wines

First of all: it is not a paid article (there has not been any paid article on this website so far, if there will ever be, we will mark it well). Why are we still writing about a discount suparmarket chain then? Because Lidl has always paid special attention to its wine selection, we have first hand information about it, and from this spring even more Hungarian wines will be available in Lidl stores in Europe. In 2017 around 15 million bottles of Hungarian wines were sold in Lidl stores, it is a 20% increase compared to the previous year. Half of the wines were exported – 7 million bottles worth 9.7 million euros, which is 10% of the overall Hungarian wine export in 2017 –, and the exported wines were partially selected at the annual Lidl Wine Expo, which was held this year as well, in March. More than 1000 wines were entered, and after a pre-selection 366 wines were offered to taste.

Master of Wine expertise to pick the best ones

At Lidl Wine Expo in Hungary wine experts from Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Croatia, Romania, Polandand other countries tasted wines to pick the most sutable ones for their markets, assisted by top professionals like Carlone Gilby MW and Richard BampfieldMW. As a result of this and the previous annual wines expos, superb Hungarian wines are available in 5000 stores of 10 European countries.

Top selling grape varieties

According to Lidl, the top selling varieties are Királyleányka – and indigenous aromatic white grape –, Furmint from Tokaj and Pinot Gris. Lidl has not published the list of selected wines, therefore we cannot be sure of the exact labels sold in different European countries, but we can cordially recommend for example wines from Eszterbauer Winery, a family winery in Szekszárd, whose 4 wines are available in Hungarian Lidl stores, and hopefully outside our boundaries as well. János Eszterbauer follows the steps of his ancestors – whose charming stories are depicted on the labels – and makes great quality wines in every price range. In Lidl selection you can find his ’Káferka’, a fresh rosé made of Kékfrankos, Merlot and Pinot Noir, ’Gyöngyöző’, an areated sparkling wine made of Muscat Ottonel, Fuxli, the siller of Szekszárd made of Kadarka and Kékfrankos and ’Komám’, a blend of 4 grape varieties with some barrel ageing, ideal for Hungarian dishes.

More about Eszterbauer wines

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