Novel Wines Decanter Retail Award

Novel Wines is shortlisted again for Decanter Retail Award

Last year and the year before Novel Wines was selected Specialist Retailer of the Year in the category of Central & Eastern Europe. Will they win again? They have the chance, since the company is shortlisted again! The winner will be announced on the 6th of October, but even being shortlisted is a great achievement, and as Ben Franks co-founder commented: “Over the moon to announce we have been shortlisted for the third year running for Specialist Retailer of the Year, Central & Eastern Europe! Huge congrats to the team and our wonderful winemakers.”
György Zsiga, the other co-founder attended our Hungarian Gettogether event and both founders participated in our Interwine Award as jury members – so we have several things going on together, Novel Wines has a good team and we really hope that they will win again – but we must admit that we support another shortlisted retail, Best of Hungary as well, also with an amazing selection of Hungarian wines.

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No award without great winemakers

Obviously, a wine retail can only win with a great selection of wines, and Novel Wines picks wineries carefully and smartly. All the winemakers they work with are passionate and relatively small producers. Dúzsi (Szekszárd), Sabar (Badacsony), Heumann (Villány) are just three examples, three reasons to click on, but you will discover more.

Sabar Kéknyelű – a true rarity

Kéknyelű grape grows only in Badacsony wine region, Sabar is a small, outstanding producer and their Kéknyelű wines are usually sold out within weeks, so you had better hurry if you want to taste vintage 2020. For 12.99 GBP it is a present.
Novel Wines comments:
Fermented in stainless steel and then partly matured in oak barrel, the resulting wine has a vivid, floral nose and a zesty, crisp palate. Notes of citrus and white flowers with an elegant, long finish.
Pairs beautifully with: Olives, lemon-dressed white fish dishes, vegetable risottos, baked sweet potato or light salads.
Cheese pairing: Soft or crumbly goat’s cheese or creamy sheep’s milk cheese.

Sabar Kéknyelű on Novel Wines

Sabar Kéknyelű

Dúzsi Kékfrankos – a red wine bursting with cherries

If you are ready to discover Hungary’s flagship blue variety, the fruity Kékfrankos, Dúzsi is a great option – for only 11.99 GBP. Dúzsi Family Winery makes stunning varietal rosé wines – a whole range –, and they have won several awards for their complex, exciting red wines as well.
Novel Wines comments:
Here’s Dúzsi’s classic varietal Kékfrankos from their Sióagárd–Leányvár hillside in Szkeszkard, southern Hungary. The family winery celebrate this indigenous variety with a sun-ripe, raspberry-hue red wine full of rich black cherries, allspice and fresh red fruit. Matured in oak for a few months just to soften out the tannin and allowed to mature in bottle before drinking at its finest.
You’ll like this if you like… Blaufrankisch or Loire Cabernet Franc red wines.
Pairs beautifully with: Try Hungarian dishes like red potato goulash, smoked sausage or cheesy dumplings. Kekfrankos also works well with Italian food like pasta bake, lasagne or pizza.
Cheese pairing: Cheddar.

Dúzsi Kékfrankos on Novel Wines

Dúzsi Kékfrankos Szekszárd

Heumann Lagona – a silky smooth red

Villány wine region, the southernmost district of Hungary is ideal for Bordeaux varieties, which are complemented with Kékfrankos in this blend. The price is again really friendly – only 13.99 GBP.
Novel Wines comments:
Here’s a great value, quality red from German-Swiss winemakers Evelyne and Erhard Heumann, made in the warmth of the Villány region in Hungary. Lagona is a soft red wine leads with aromas of red berries and vanilla. On the palate are red plums, meaty leather, raspberries and cocoa along a velvet-smooth tannin.
Pairs beautifully with: Sirloin steak, beef stroganoff, a posh cheeseburger with blue cheese and steak chunk, roast duck or grilled mushrooms and garlic.
Cheese pairing: Cheshire, Red Leicester (especially Red Storm wax hard cheese), mature Cheddar or Parmesan.
Heumann Lagona on Novel Wines

Heumann Lagona

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