Prepare for #CabFrancDay with the Top 12 Villányi Franc

4th December, the International #CabFrancDay is on Sunday, are you prepared? There are stunning Cabernet Franc varietal wines in many parts of the world from the Loire to California, and also in Hungary, especially in Villány. Though the popularity of Cabernet Franc has increased significantly throughout the country, Villány is the flagship with its own Cab Franc appellation called Villányi Franc.

The Top 12 Villányi Franc in 2022

Every year a board of experts decide in a blind tasting which Villányi Franc is the best, and the Top 12 is presented at the annual Franc & Franc event. Last Friday, at the 7th Franc & Franc Forum the latest set of the best ones was revealed. The 12 wines are available in one pack – in limited amount – at Pannon Borbolt. So let us introduce the best 12 Villányi Franc wines in 2022!

(for the definition of Classicus / Premium and Super Premium scroll down)

– Bakonyi Villányi Cabernet Franc 2020
– Lelovits Pincészete Villányi Cabernet Franc 2019
– Fritsch Villányi Cabernet Franc Barrique 2019

– Agancsos Capitalis Villányi Franc 2018
– Vinatus Villányi Franc 2018
– Gere A Winery Villányi Franc Csillagvölgy-dűlő 2018
– Bock Villányi Franc Fekete-hegy Selection 2017
– Sauska Villányi Cabernet Franc 2015
– Jekl Villányi Franc 2013

Super Premium

– Riczu Villányi Franc 2018
– Mokos Villányi Franc 2017
– Csányi Teleki Tradíció Villányi Franc Kopár 2017

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The idea came from Lori Budd, a devoted Californian producer of the variety:

What is Villányi Franc?

If you think of Villány, think of Cabernet Franc!
     If you think of Cabernet Franc, think of Villány!

Cabernet Franc has found its ideal terroir in the Villány wine region, where it accounts for 14% of all black grapes planted. The vines, rooted in loess with high lime content and warmed by plenty of sunshine, produce wines that are remarkably complex yet also lively and fresh. Villány Franc displays artistic elegance, balance and fi ne-tuning, yet is versatile enough to allow space for winemakers’ individuality as well as the varietal characteristics.

After a long period of cooperative thinking and collaboration, the Villány wine region announced in May 2014that it had revised its protected designation of origin system and was creating a new brand linked to the wine region. This single-varietal wine has become Villány’s flagship product. The Cabernet Francs produced in the wine region prove time and time again in international competitions that Villány should give this type of red wine even greater attention.

– For Classicus Villányi Franc the maximum yield is 13 t/ha obtained from grapes. There is no necessary ageing requirement.

– The premium Villányi Franc must be made from grapes harvested with a maximum yield of 60 hl/ha. The 100% Cabernet Franc is aged in oak barrels for at least one year and also benefi ts from long bottle ageing.

– Super premium quality Villányi Franc must be made from 100% Cabernet Franc, with a maxium yield of 35 hl/ha. It is aged for at least one year in barrel and another in bottle. This designation was first granted for wines made from grapes harvested in 2015.

The premium and super premium categories are marketed under the Villányi Franc brand name.

Franc & Franc Forum Villány
Franc & Franc Forum guests / speakers from left to right: Pasi Ketolainen MW, Peter McCombie MW, Stefano Dini. Photo: Zoltán 'Gadget' Kiss

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