Rolling vineyards


Bicycle race in Villány wine region

Whether you are trained biker or a beginner bicycle fan with your kids, you will find your type of activity on 24 June in Villány. The so called „Rolling vineyard” offers a 40 km race with an upgrade of 580 m, a convenient walk of 10 km visiting 5 wineries or a family bike path of 15 km suitable for beginners. After the challenge, participants can relax in the nearby Siklós Thermal Spa or they can visit the Castle of Siklósat night, because the castle museum will open for this special occassion at 10 pm.

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Refreshment at Vylyan Terrace

The hardest trial of the race is definitely the 40 km race, it is a normal, measured contest only for applicants over 14. The entry fee (3000 HUF = 10 euros) includes 3 refreshments plus warm meal at the end. Participants can enter on the spot. The most serious risk of the tour is that when you arrive at the first refreshment spot Vylyan Vineyard and Winery after 10 km, you will be enchanted by the view from the terrace, the cold, refreshing wines and the familiar atmosphere of the terrace. Try their pearly wine called Kszí, lovely, fruity and refreshing!

Kszí – the sound of the wine

This pearly (areated) wine is named after the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet. It is the sound you hear, when you open up a bottle of refreshing KSZI and the pearling bubbles come to the surface.
It is a delicate shade, “ballerina”, amongst the full-bodied red wines of Villany: playful, ethereal, lively, intensive and elegant. From the colour to the fragrance this wine shows an elegant, ethereal ‘pink’ character. The Pinot Noir variety gives a lively fruitiness, elegance and depth to the sip. On the palate full bodied and juicy– the notes of exotic fruits are rounded off by a long lingering finish with the hint of pink grapefruit.

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