Rose Riesling Jazz festival Veszprém, Hungary 2023 July

Rose, Riesling and Jazz in Veszprém on 7–16 July

The European Capital of Culture 2023 awaits guests with great wines

VeszprémFest is an internationally renowned music festival with superstars – this year with Norah Jones, Andrea Rost and Alvaro Soler among others. A side festival accompanying the stage programs is a relaxed, outdoor wine tasting event on the historic Óváros square (Old town square) of Veszprém. Around 30 wine exhibitors will pour their wines, mostly from Balaton wine regions, for example Borbély Family Winery from Badacsony and Feind Winery from Balatonfüred. 10 days, 30 concerts, 30 wineries.

Date and time: 17.00–23.00, 7–16 July 2023
Location: Óváros square, Veszprém, Hungary
Admission: free. The stage programs are also free. Glasses and wines are to be purchased at the exhibitors.
Stage programs here (the top stars mentioned above perform on a different stage and the tickets are mostly sold out)

Tamás Borbély – The Riesling King

In Hungary, when we speak about “Rizling”, usually we do not mean Rhine Riesling, but another grape variety called Olaszrizling. This grape (also known as Welshriesling or Grasevina) is not a relative of Rhine Riesling, it is an absolutely different grape. Olaszrizling is very important around Lake Balaton, the community wine called BalatonBor is always a fresh, easy drinking, fruity Olaszrizling wine.

Tamás Borbély, the youngest holder of the prestigious title Winemaker of the Year, is passionate about the variety. Apart from the fresh BalatonBor, he makes single vineyard, barrel aged Olaszrizling from Bács hill, another one called Karós Olaszrizling Limited Selection, and even a Late Harvest Olaszrizling.

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Stay at Borbély guest house and enjoy the landscape of volcanic mountains

The guest house is suitable for friends or families up to 10 people. The house has 3 rooms with French bed, 1 room with twin beds, 2 bathrooms, a large, well-equipped kitchen with dining room and living room.
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