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Winelovers 100 grand tasting in Budapest

Winelovers Wine Awards international wine contest took place in June, the results are available here. The top scored Hungarian wines will be featured in a print magazine as well, plus we can taste the top 100 wines (and many more) in the glamorous palace of Hotel Corinthia Budapest on 17 September. Taste the Best Red Wine from Eszterbauer Winery (Szekszárd) and do not miss the gold winner Tornai Grófi Hárslevelű from Somló. Have a glass of the gold winner Jammertal Cassiopeia Cabernet Franc from Villány and taste two silver winner Sauvignon Blanc wines from two Etyek winery, Etyeki Kúria and Haraszthy Vineyards. And let us introduce the protagonists of our cover photo: Holdvölgy, Frittmann and Hilltop!

Holdvölgy Culture – with the highest score

Only 4 wineries received 93 points, all for natural sweet wines, one of them is Holdvölgy with its Culture 2017. Culture is a 6 puttonyos Tokaji Aszú made of Furmint, Hárslevelű and Zéta grapes. The amount of the residual sugar may sound enormous with its 200.4 g/l, but it is perfectly balanced by the 7.31 acidity and the fresh aromas of sun ripened apricot, citrus fruits and gentle flowers. Apart from the success of the sweet wine, Holdvölgy can boast with the highest dry white score as well: Intuition No3 2018 received 91 points. Intuition No3 is a 100% Furmint wine. As Holdvölgy team commented, Intuition No3 is the third vineyard selection from Holdvölgy vineyard, a wine made by inspiration. The nose is abundant in tropical fruits, jasmine, vanilla and sugar melon, while the palate reveals tangerine, persimmon, apricot and a hint of citrus. Moderate barrel ageing makes it more complex. Firm sugar-acid balance, great structure, spicy aftertaste. Only 2300 bottles were made, you had better hurry to stock some!

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Holdvölgy Culture gold medal Hungary

Frittmann Olívia – a silver beauty

Wine contest are not only for flagship wines and expensive specialties. In fact, on the contrary: most consumers spend less than 10 euros on their every day wines, therefore they are eager to know which wine gives the best value for their money. The second vintage of Frittmann Olívia is definitely a good example of great value for money. The wine is “the marriage” of two grape varieties Irsai Olivér with Generosa. The wine is charming, intense on the nose but not overwhelming, like a gracious young lady. Refreshing, juicy and the aromas of ripened grape linger on in our mouth. The two varieties work together perfectly, the result is a super balanced, wonderful wine! At the rigorous, extremely strict Winelovers Wine Awards Frittmann Olívia received silver medal with 87 points.
Frittmann Winery is located in Kunság wine region, and the family estate is the proof that the sandy, huge region has the potential of lovely an also for outstanding wines. János Frittmann was the first from Kunság wine region, who won the two most prestious title in Hungary: The Winemaker of the Year in 2007.

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Frittmann Olívia blend 2021 Hungary silver medal

Hilltop Neszmély – 5 medals to one estate

Though this time Hilltop did not win gold, the winery received 4 silver and one bronze medal, which is a great success at this super strict contest in itself. The highest scored Hilltop wine is Kamocsay Premium Pinot Gris 2016 with 89 points. Ákos Kamocsay is the chief winemaker of Hilltop and the premium line is named after him. Pinot Gris – in Hungarian ‘Szürkebarát’ – is an important grape in our country. It is made in several wine regions in significant quantity. Kamocsay Pinot Gris is a full bodied, complex wine with notes of apricot, honey, white flowers with subtle minerality. A wine for thought! At the moment the current vintage available is 2018, but if you are interested in the winner 2016, contact the winery here. Only 250 bottles are available!

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Kamocsay Premium Pinot Gris silver Hungary 2022

Winelovers 100 grand tasting

Date and time: 17 September 2022, 14.00–22.00
Venue: Corinthia Hotel Budapest, Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 47–49., Hungary
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Winelovers Budapest 100 grand tasting 17 September 2022 Hungary

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