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The readers have chosen: Vince Awards announced

20 wines and 2 special awards given at Vince Gala in Budapest

Vince wine magazine gives its awards annually and the selection is made in two rounds. First renowned wine experts nominate wines for each of the 20 categories, then the readers and followers can vote for their favourites in each style. The award ceremony took place last Saturday at the majestic Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, and according to the feedback of the participants it was an ideal venue for the occasion.

3 of the winners (in our cover photo)

Kéknyelű is a unique grape variety: it is not only indigenious and is (almost) restricted to volcanic Badacsony wine region, but it is also hard to cultivate since it needs another grape variety nearby to facilitate pollination. Tamás Borbély, the youngest Winemaker of the Year ever and his family makes an excellent example of the variety – and the readers of Vince magazine has just justified!
More about Borbély Family Winery

Borbély Kéknyelű Selection Badacsony Hungary

Kovács Nimród Winery is situated in Eger wine region and often refers to the terroir as “The Hungarian Burgundy” due to the similar climatic conditions. No wonder the estate is famous for its Burgundian varieties, Monopole Battonage Chardonnay is the favourite of many wine enthusiasts throughout the country and beyond.
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Kovács Nimród Battonage Chardonnay Eger

Rosé continues to be a big hit all over the world. The tendency is to consome pale, light, ethereal rosés, yet this time Vince readers and followers voted for a more complex, barrel aged rosé wine. This elegant rosé was made to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the estate. “We believe that rosé can be as complex as a great white or red wine. We want to raise the prestige of rosés with this wine.”
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Dúzsi Cabernet Franc Rose Szekszárd

The winners of Vince Award 2022

 1. Varietal white wine made of international variety
Pannonhalmi Főapátság Prior Fehér 2021, Pannonhalma
2. Varietal white wine made of local variety (Carpathian Basin)
Figula Pincészet Olaszrizling 2021, Balatonfüred
3. Other varietal white wine
Borbély Családi Pincészet Badacsonyi Kéknyelű Selection 2019, Badacsony
4. White blend
Pannonhalmi Főapátság Tricollis 2021, Pannonhalma
5. Barrel aged white varietal wine made of international variety
Kovács Nimród Winery Monopole Battonage Chardonnay 2017, Eger
6. Barrel aged white varietal wine made of local variety (Carpathian Basin)
Szepsy István Szent Tamás 46 Furmint 2017
7. Other barrel aged white varietal wine
Somlói Apátsági Pince Juhfark 2019, Somló
8. Barrel aged white blend
St. Andrea Szőlőbirtok Mária Nagy-Eged Hegy Dűlő Egri Cuvée Grand Superior 2019, Eger
9. Varietal red wine made of international variety
Vylyan Vineyard and Winery Cabernet Franc Variáció 2020
10. Varietal red wine made of local variety (Carpathian Basin)
Németh János Kadarka Válogatás 2020, Szekszárd
11. Other varietal red wine
Szászi Birtok Csókaszőlő 2021, Badacsony
12. Red blend
Eszterbauer Winery Pinceátlag 2019, Szekszárd
13. Barrel aged red wine made of international variety
St. Andrea Szőlőbirtok Nagy Eged-hegy Dűlő Egri Pinot Noir Grand Superior 2017, Eger
14. Barrel aged red varietal wine made of local variety (Carpathian Basin)
Takler Pince Szenta-hegyi Kékfrankos 2018, Szekszárd
15. Other barrel aged red varietal wine
Gere A. Winery Tempranillo 2020, Villány
16. Other barrel aged red blend
St. Andrea Szőlőbirtok Agapé Nagy-Eged-Hegy Dűlő Egri Bikavér Grand Superior 2017, Eger
17. Rosé
Dúzsi Family Winery Cabernet Franc Rosé 2017, Szekszárd
18. Method Charmat / Pet Nat / Aerated sparkling wine
Holdvölgy Hold&Hollo UPPP 2021, Tokaj
19. Traditional method sparkling wine
Kreinbacher Birtok Prestige Brut, Somló
20. Late harvest and / or botrytised sweet wine
Szepsy István Szamorodni 2016, Tokaj

Life achievment award
István Szepsy

Dr. Gábor Rohály special award
Dr. Gabriella Mészáros

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