Today is the International Moscato Day, let’s celebrate!

Like many other international wine days Moscato Day originates from the USA, it was Gallo Family Vineyards who introduced it in 2012. Moscato d’Asti, an aromatic sparkling wine from Piedmont, north of Italy became popular among American rappers like Nelly, Kanye West and Drake, and it raised the popularity of Muscat wines.

Top 10 songs about Moscato

“It’s a celebration Clap clap bravo, Lobster and shrimp and a glass of moscato” (Drake)

Muscat is much more than a „little sweetheart”

Quite obvious that Moscato Day was meant to celebrate Moscato d’Asti, but there is no reason why not to celebrate all the wines made from grapes of the Muscat family. Moscato d’Asti is made of Moscato Bianco (or Muscat Blanc a Petits Grans), however the Muscat family includes over 200 grape varieties, among which Muscat Ottonel and Muscat Lunel are the most widely planted in Hungary. The Muscat grapes have an image of being „too easy to understand”, „women’s favourite” or like above mentioned rappers’ favourite, but besides this some really serious, elegant, bone dry wines can be made as well.

Here you have some tips to celebrate Moscato Day!

Dereszla Muskotály Reserve, 2003

It was made from 100% Muscat with traditional aszúmaking method, but to keep the fresh aroma and taste of the wine we fermented and matured it in stainless steel tank, not using barrel in the process. The value of the content is like aszúezsencia’s, but with fresh and vivid nose and taste. Good with dried fruit – especially with dried apricot –, long matured cheese, desserts made from apple, pear.

Patricius Sárgamuskotály, Tokaj, 2015

A fresh, elegant, vibrant charming dry wine with lovely minerality and refreshing acidity. Perfect aperitif.

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Zsirai Tokaji Sárgamuskotály, Tokaj, 2011

Sweet late harvest wine from Mád, Padihegy vineyard, made of carefully selected berries. Complex, luscious wine with long finish.

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Béres Tokaji Sárgamuskotály, Tokaj, 2015

Not flamboyant, but elegant nose with fruity notes typical of the variety. On the palate citrus fruits, light and enjoyable. When chilled very cold, it is an ideal refreshment in the heat of the summer.


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