US wine writer publishes detailed Hungarian wine guide

Wine Trail Traveler is an online publication owned by Kathy and Terry Sullivan. They seem to be on the road constantly, since their website has fairly comprehensive guide about several countries including Croatia, Austria, Georgia. This year they have travelled through Hungary and within two weeks they visited an impressive number of wineries from east to west, north to south. In Eger wine region for example Terry and Kathy visited Gál Tibor, Tóth Ferenc Winery, St. Andrea Winery and Kovács Nimród Winery. At the Kovács Nimród Winery they tasted six wines, and gave full description of each of them. About Nagy Eged Furmint we can read the following: „The Furmint Nagy Eged 2015 Grand Cru was produced using French and Hungarian oak. The color was yellow. The aroma was fruity with hints of citrus. The wine had a silky mouthfeel. The taste was crisp and fresh with a hint of mineral, citrus, apple and pear. This wine could age for 20 years.” Wine Trail Traveler is a useful and thorough guide for all winelovers, and we appreciate Kathy and Terry’s work very much!
Visit Wine Trail Traveler and of course visit Hungary!

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