What are you waiting for? Experts praising Furmint

FurmintUSA is a most active marketing campaign to promote Furmint grape in the USA. They organize tastings from time to time – for example tomorrow at Ferry Plaza in San Francisco.

This latest short video presents numerous wine experts – all praising the merits of Furmint grape:

Have you become curious? If you are interested, read US wine expert Christy Canterbury MW’s wine notes based oh her latest travel in Hungary, with 55 wine notes. She gave 90 or more points to 37 of the 55 Furmints she had tasted which fact shows an overall outstanding quality of dry Furmint wines.


Photo by Tim Atkin MW

Try (at least) the two top wines from Canterbury’s list:

94 points Erzsébet 2012 Furmint Király Dűlő Tokaj

This wine’s exotic, honeyed nose promises great things, and its palate delivers with a wildly compelling flavor blend of toasted hazelnuts, wildflower honey, tarte tatin, crispy chicken skin and roasted fall mushrooms. Intensely concentrated and rich in flavor, this is beautifully balanced by powerful acidity. It’s fantastic!

 94 points Zsirai 2015 Furmint Tokaji Középhegy

Four hectares of vines are dedicated to this vineyard, 60% of which is Furmint. The wine is bright and golden in its glint, and its aromas are packed with sweet baking spices. It’s round with whispers of viscosity and on the finish shows a lovely and dynamic juiciness of pit fruit flavors. This team of sisters has done everything to make this a wine for folks to crave.kozephegy_furmint_2015

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