4 gold winner wineries from Winelovers Wine Awards

The summer season is not abundant in wine contest results, however the results of the second edition of the international Winelovers Wine Awards have been released recently. Holdvölgy (Tokaj), Pannonhalma Archabbey (Pannonhalma), Jammertal Wine Estate (Villány), Babarczi Vineyard and Winery (also from Pannonhalma) are some of the gold winners – with some extra.

The wine competition, held for the second time in July 2023, attracted wines from 14 countries. The jury comprising 65 wine experts and winemakers represented 19 countries and included several Masters of Wine and one Master Sommelier evaluating 839 wines.

I (Ágnes Németh, the editor of Hungarianwines.eu) was also involved in this international wine contest organized in Budapest for the second time. My duty was to invite and take care of the foreign jury members. I hope I have done my job well and they had an unforgettable experience.
The list of jury members can be seen here.
See the full list of results here.

Holdvölgy in Mád, the pearl of Tokaj

Last year Holdvölgy achieved the highest score for white wine at the first edition of WWA, and now again we can see the estate on the top of the chart with two wines! (This year Pajzos Tokaj and Trifecta wineries got 96 points and Holdvölgy 95 points). The Mád (Tokaj) estate has been impressing jury members across the globe with their super elegant Tokaji Aszú wines and also with their dry Tokaj wines.

More about Holdvölgy Culture Aszú 2010 (95 points)
More about Expression Hárslevelű 2019 (90 points)

The “infusion” you would not refuse – Pannonhalma Archabbey

The historic estate of Pannonhalma has also received not only one, but two gold medals, one for the legendary Infusion red blend, and another for the white blend called Prior. The double success proves again the versatility of Pannonhalma wine region and the potential for producing world class wines made of international grape varieties – Infusio is a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon while Prior is a Rhine Riesling selection.

More about Infusio 2020 (91 points) 
More about Prior (90 points) (The link leads to the current vintage 2021, the gold winner was 2020.)

Not one, not two – 5 gold for Jammertal in Villány!

High Parker points, Winemaker of the Year by Selection.de – just some of the most recent acknowledgements, but Jammertal team never stops. Zsófia Kövesdi, the young, talented female winemaker won a gold medal for “her every finger”:

Ars Poetica Syrah 2021 (91 points, Best Syrah)
Ars Poetica Pinot Noir 2020 (91 points, Best Pinot Noir)
More about Villányi Jammertal Grand Cuvée 2019 (90 points)
More about Villányi Jammertal Blue Sky 2020 (90 points)
Jammertal Villányi Merlot 2019 (90 points)

“I know my wine is good” – Babarczi Merlot from Pannonhalma

Last year Babarczi Vineyard and Winery entered Marianum Cabernet Franc at this contest and it did not receive gold medal, even though Marianum has collected several trophies from international contests. Zsuzsanna Babarczi, the manager of the winery could not believe her eyes, but she gave another try and her perseverance was rewarding. And, what is interesting – another red medal for Pannonhalma wine region (see Pannonhalma Archabbey above). Babarczi Marianum missed gold only with one point this year

More about Babarczi Merlot 2020 (90 points)

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