St Martin offers 2023 Hungary wine

6 goose & wine offers from all over Hungary

6–12 November: special offers, open doors and more

The official Hungarian wine marketing initiated a new campaign called ‘Libabőr Festival’. The name is witty, we must admit: ‘libabőr’ means goose bump, but the literal meaning is the skin of the goose – a delicacy when roasted into crispy. However the online version of the word – due to the obvious omittance of accents – is ‘libabor’, which means goose wine. Since we celebrate St Martin and new wine this weekend, the name is really adequate. offers a wide range of programmes and offers, visitors can search by the name, wine region and can also browse the map, however only in Hungarian. We help expats and wine tourists with the translation of some of the goose offers.

The official website of the campaign (in Hungarian)

Béres, Tokaj, webshop and local offer

Béres Vineyards is located in the lovely village of Erdőbénye in Tokaj wine region. The modern estate building has a spacious, sunny tasting room with amazing view of the surrounding vineyards.
For customers buying 2 bottles of Naparany Cuvée 2019 in the shop of the estate, a small bottle (0.375 L) Béres Extra Brut sparkling wine is given for free. Es for the sparkling wine: “Extremely fresh, vibrant sparkling wine made from 100% Hárslevelű. Extra brut category, therefore very dry, playful yet elegant and rich due to the notes of citrus, white flowers, pear, and apple. You will certainly ask for another glass.” The special offer is available on the webshop as well from 6 to 12 November. For the special offer contact the team.

More information about Béres Vineyards

Béres St Martin special offer 2023

Borbély, Badacsony, local offer

Borbély Family Winery is located on the north shore of Lake Balaton in volcanic Badacsony wine region. The winery has a small guest house, ideal for a weekend escape. On St Martin’s week they give 2 gratis glasses of new wine in case visitors ask for a tasting of 6 wines (6500 HUF / 17 EUR / person).
There is a special discount on some of the wines locally and on the webshop as well: in case of buying at least 6 bottles 20% discount is given, from 12 bottles the discount is 30%. The wines available in the offer: Kinnagangon Rozé frizzante, Bóbita frizzante, Mosolygós Muscat Ottonel, Nemszáraz Szürkebarát (Pinot Gris) and Csóka Major Furmint.
The wine shop of the estate is open every day and it is easy to find near the village of Káptalantóti.

More about Borbély Family Winery

Borbély wines Badacsony Hungary

Eszterbauer, Szekszárd, webshop and local offer

Eszterbauer Winery is situated in Szekszárd with an address with destiny: the winery is in Bor street, and ‘Bor’ means ‘wine’. János Eszterbauer is especially keen on making the most of Kadarka grape, but this November offer is more about the other important black grape of Szekszárd, and it is the Kékfrankos. The pack contains a siller wine made of Kékfrankos (siller is a rosé with longer skin contact), a varietal red Kékfrankos called Tanyamacska and a Bikavér, the famous blend of Szekszárd called Tüke. The webshop is in Hungarian, in case you want to ship to abroad, contact the team.

More about Eszterbauer Winery

Webshop offer (in Hungarian)

Eszterbauer Autumn offer Szekszárd Hungary

Frittmann, Kunság, event on Saturday

Frittmann Winery awaits guests with a true rural feast with plenty of food and wines. Guests can taste the new vintage wines – including Frittmann Cserszegi Fűszeres 2023, a crispy, aromatic, juicy new wine. The dinner begins at 6 pmand then the following courses will arrive with the proper wine pairings:
goose liver terrine with jellied consommé, fresh brioche and home made onion jam,
– rich goose soup, ravioli filled with goose liver,
stove oven goose leg, stuffed goose neck, strudel filled with new rose wine braised purple cabbage, sweet potato puree,
‘Ezerjó’ cake (Ezerjó is an indigenous white grape favoured by the Frittmanns).
Registration is needed, places are limited, the price is 21 000 HUF / 55 EUR.
Book here
More about Frittmann Winery

Frittmann Cserszegi Fűszeres 2023

Tóth Ferenc, Eger, local offer

Tóth Ferenc Winery has a cellar in the popular cellar village of Eger called Szépasszonyvölgy (‘Valley of the Beautiful Women’). At cellar No 46 thirsty and hungry visitors will be treated with goose cracklings, baguette, vegetables and a glass of Tóth Ferenc Kékfrankos Rosé 2023 for only 1790 HUF / 5 EUR. For the rosé Kékfrankos grape was hand picked mainly in Almagyar vineyard. After destemming pressing was gentle and the wine fermented slowly (for 3 weeks) in cold temperature. Light pink colour, intense on the nose with red berry fruits, mostly strawberry and red currant. Vibrant, zesty, light wine with a bit of carbon dioxide.

More about Tóth Ferenc Winery

Tóth Ferenc Kekfrankos Rose Eger Hungary

Vylyan, Villány, event on Friday

No St Martin list could be full without Vylyan Vineyard and Winery. The estate has always been famous for supporting artist, and their new vintage ‘Bogyólé’ is part of this attitude. ‘Bogyólé’ means ‘Berry Juice’, so it refers to the wine style itself, which is similar to that of Beaujolais Nouveau – and the word ‘Bogyólé’ is close to Beaujolais in pronunciation. The label of this November released wine is designed by a different young artist each year, within a competition. Bogyólé is made of Zweigelt grape.
On Friday the winery is open from 5 pm to 10 pm, visitors will have a chance to take a tour in the cellar at 6 pm, and they can choose one or more (or all) of the dishes made for the occasion.
– Cellar visit with 5 + 2 wines (two wines are barrel samples): 5500 HUF / 14.5 EUR
– Porcini cream soup: 2190 HUF / 6 EUR
– Goose cold platter: 5590 HUF / 15 EUR
– Autumn apple salad with feta cheese: 3490 HUF / 9 EUR
– Brownie with forest fruit sauce: 1990 HUF / 5 EUR

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More about Vylyan Vineyard and Winery

Vylyan Bogyole Cillány Hungary 2023

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