7 amazing Christmas gift for winelovers

For Christmas we want to give something special to our winelover friends, a unique wine selection, a hand made chocolate paired with wine or an unforgettable wine experience. Look at our list with 7 perfect wine gifts. Celebrate with the thousand flavours of Hungary!

  • Attractive Lajvér wine box with chocolate

Lajvér Wine Estate in Szekszárd has a state of art, stunning winery, and this refined style is reflected in all their products, in their wines and in the package of them as well. This year they celebrate the season with a marvellous wooden box for the wines, and a smart, elegant package which includes a box of artisan chocolate by Artis chocolate manufacture with the wine. Infinity is a Bordeaux blend made of selected grapesduring harvest. After fermentation in stainless steel and maturing the varieties separately in oak a barrel selection took place. The resulting wine is elegant, fruity (ripened raspberry) with integrated tannins and long ageing potential.


  • Late harvest „Little girl” and hand made chocolate

Leányka (literally little girl) is an indigenous grape of Hungary, famous in Eger wine region. Tóth Ferenc Winery has achieved several international acknowledgements for their complex, dry white Leányka, and now the sweet, late harvest version has arrived – and immediately has been chosen the best dessert wine of Eger. With 79.1 g/l residual sugar, this wine has aromas of grape flower, summer meadows and dried grass, while on the palate there is a refreshing acidity beside the sweetness and the grapey flavours. The winery pairs wines with artisan chocolate, for example the white Egri Csillag Superior 2017 is paired with 62% cocoa content Madagascar milk chocolate with physaliss and cinnamon flower made by Fabric chocolate manufacture.

  • A time travel with a family winery

László Babarczi has just celebrated his 77th birthday. This cheerful man has devoted all his life to his family and his winery in Pannonhalma wine region, and the result is clearly visible: Babarczi has become a „lovemark”, a brand closely related to passion and love. The crystal clear, elegant whine wines and the crispy rosé is of perfect quality at reasonable price. This autumn their first red wine, Babarczi Kékfrankos 2017 was also presented! Babarczi Winery welcomes visitors at their estate in the small village of Győrújbarát, near the city of Győr (an hour drive from Budapest). The tasting is available in English or German, and 5 wines are presented with cold or hot meal, as requested. Enjoy the quietness of the countryside, the soul lifting scents, the lingering flavours, and forget about the troubles of the world.

For more information write to info@babarczi.hu

  • „Spiritual” pleasures by Thummerer Winery

Vilmos Thummerer (Winemaker of the Year 1995) and his team is passionate and accurate, they make their wine with the most attention, and the result is a long list of awards and thousands of frequent customers. Apart from the several merits of the winery, it is highly versatile: refreshing white wines, complex red wines, elegant sparkling wines and – yes, there is something else – pálinka! Pálinka is a Hungarian protected origin spirit made of 100% fruit grown in Hungary. At Thummerer Winery different pálinkas are made: Marc of Merlot from Tekenőházi Vineyard, Barrel Aged Lees Spirit, Vili Papa Marc and Mark of Tramini. Vili Papa (Uncle Vili) won silver medal at prestigious Austrian Destillata spirit competition, and it is made of the marc of the legendary blend of the winery.

  • Sabar: getaway in a shelter with breathtaking view

The Estate Wine (Olaszrizling Birtokbor) of the micro winery Sabar from Badacsony wine region has just been described as excellent by Andreas Larsson world champion sommelier. Would you fancy a weekend in a snowy winter wonderland full of juicy, yammy wines? Sabar guest house opened this spring and it became immensely popular. The small house with the rustic tile oven is ideal when you need your soul to be warmed up. The house is 110 square meters and has 3 bedrooms. You can book the whole house for 50.000 HUF / night (156 euros) for 6 people but you can book only one or two rooms if you need so. Apart from the breathtaking view from the terrace, you can enjoy the treasures of the cellar choosing from the whole range of Sabar wines. A winter getaway is an ideal Christmas gift for your partner – especially if you accompany your partner…

To book write to sabar@sabar.hu

  • Vertical Pinot selection Etyeki Kúria

Etyek wine region is suitable for growing Pinot Noir, and undoubtedly one of Hungary’s best Pinot is made at Etyeki Kúria winery. „In Hungary, it is considered rare to release several vintages of one wine together. We have chosen to offer six Pinot Noirs spanning across five vintages between 2012 and 2016, to show what this variety is capable of in the Etyek–Buda wine region.”The winemaker, Sándor Mérész has had expereiences from abroad, and his knowledge, his passion and the terroir together result elegant, subtle Pinor Noir wines in every vintage. Now 6 wines from 5 vintages are released in a special case with vintages from 2012–2016, and the collection contains a selection from 2015 as well. Only 150 of the unique cases are released, the price is 52 000 HUF (160 euros).

Order from here: Webshop

  • The wine of the kings from Chateau Dereszla

Tokaji Aszú is often cited as the wine of the kings, king of the wines (Vinum Regnum Rex Vinorum in Latin). With Dereszla the saying has a double reference: the first written records of Dereszla Winery are dated back to as early as 1406, since Dereszla belonged to the Hungarian king’s court in the 15th and 16th century. Chateau Dereszla winery was founded in the 18th century. Due to investments after the year 2000, the entire technical background has been renewed. After the complete renewing of the technical part, the one kilometre long historic underground cellar has been reconstructed. Dereszla Tokaji Aszú is pure pleasure: a bottle itself is a perfect Christmas gift! „Golden colour. Surprisingly smooth, velvety. Peach and orange on the palate. Refined acidity structure and perfect balance.”


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