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A sweet kiss: Catalan dessert with Hungarian wine

Chateau Dereszla is one of the oldest estates in Tokaj wine region, and its magnificent wines are available in many countries of the world. If you live in Europe or in the US, you have plenty of webshops to order a bottle of Dereszla wine. Spain is also an important market for the winery, even though the Spanish has some stunning sweet wines themselves. Decántalo is a Spanish webshop selling a wine range of international wines and shipping worldwide – so if you live in Spain, just click and enjoy the “king of the wines, wine of the kings”.


A November treat made of almond

All Saints Day is celebrated in Spain with special sweets, roasted chestnut and family gatherings. Catalonia, part of Spain has a traditional dessert, which is known all over the country, it is called ‘panellet’. The key ingredient is finely ground almond, which serves as the base of the dough, though some locals use cooked potatoes as well. It is worth trying it: rolling the balls is fun, and you can use your imagination to decorate the balls in hundred way. Here you can find an easy recipe.


5 or 6 puttonyos?

According to the current regulations, 5 or 6 puttonyos Tokaji Aszú wines are available (3 and 4 puttonyos aszús have not been bottled since 2013). If both 5 and 6 are available, which one to choose? For example in the selection of the above mentioned Spanish webshop a Dereszla 6 puttonyos 2009 costs 50 euros, while the 5 puttonyos from 2016 is only 30 euros. Needless to say, both are great wines, but the 5 puttonyos is younger, fresher, not only because of the vintage, but also because of the slightly less residual sugar. A 6 puttonyos has always more sugar, but don’t be afraid: in Tokaj there is always enough acidity to balance it. Thus for a lovely dinner with your family we suggest the 5 puttonyos (especially if you have a big family, you will need more bottles, since the bottle size is 0.5 litre). And if you are a collector and you want to see how the wine evolves, some bottles of the 2009 (excellent vintage in Tokaj) 6 puttonyos is a smart choice.

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