Budapest hotel is the best in the world according to TripAdvisor!

The very young (opened only one and a half year ago) Aria hotel has been chosen the best hotel on the planet at TripAdvisors Traveler’s Choice Award in New York. TripAdvisor’s award is very precious, since it reflects the opinion of the most important people: the guests. Based on millions of reviews collected from travelers for more than 7,610 properties in 117 countries and regions worldwide, TripAdvisor announced the winners of its 15th annual Travelersʼ Choice Awards for Hotels three days ago, according to reports. The Library Hotel Collection member Aria – sporting four wings dedicated to classical, opera, contemporary and jazz music – received five out of five bubbles among the 719 reviews submitted through TripAdvisor.

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“I am proud and moved by the readers of TripAdvisor choosing Aria Hotel Budapest to be the best hotel in the world, as this decision reflects the real experiences of our guests, and I feel that this award means that our time, energy and resources were used in the best manner possible when we gave birth to the hotel,”
said Henry Kallan, owner and founder of the Library Hotel Collection, which comprises luxury properties in New York, Prague, Budapest and Toronto.

Aria is really something special: the music concept is carried on in the whole building with great care, and it results a unique interior. Many hotel rooms are moderate in colours, the designers play on the safe size: grey and beige colours should be good for everyone. As a result most hotel rooms are boring, the traveller cannot recognise from inside the room where he is, in Asia or Europe. Aria is not this kind of hotel. Colours shine, the pieces of furniture and the accessories are witty and extraordinary – a bath tube in the middle of the suit? why not!) – and the tiny details are delicate as well. The roof garden is open all year and has a breathtaking view of the whole city of Budapest.
fantasticoIt’s restaurant offers international cuisine, and the same is true with the wine list with many interesting wines. Haraszthy Fantástico is a good example of the wine list and of the cosmopolitan hotel as well: an Argentinian wine with bonds in Hungary! Haraszthy, a state of art winery near Budapest, in Etyek wine region has an Argentinian owner, who has an estate in Argentina as well – the Malbec based blend is certainly from there. The soul of Argentina appears in the wine. Its originality and vitality makes it very interesting. Since it carries the advantages of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes, it is a wine to enjoy. It has an intensive violet color. In the nose and on the palate we can find many aromas; vanilla, dried fig, plum-jam, blackcurrant, spices. First the spices then the chocolate dominates. It goes very well with game dishes or heavier steaks. You can also simply enjoy it on chilly days, next to a fireplace, reading your book” – says the sommelier and the chef about this wine. Fantástico is from Mendoza, and the carefully selected grape was fermented for 20 days with maceration and matured in used barrique for 18 months. Only 6000 bottles were made in the vintage of 2010.

Haraszthy deals with local (Irsai Olivér, Királyleányka, Zenit) and international (Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris and the Burgundian Chardonnay, Pinot Noir) grape varieties. With the Argentinian ‘sister estate’ Haraszthy gives a wonderfully diverse and complex portfolio!


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