February – the month of Furmint

Alliteration is a common poetic tool and useful for us to remember, that February is a month, when the flagship grape variety of Tokaj is celebrated. The praise of Furmint starts right on 1st February when Furmint Day is to beld for the first time! There’s still time to buy your Furmint bottle, get one (or more) and join the worldwide cheering!


Pajzos Tokaji "T" Furmint 2015

Pajzos Tokaji “T” Furmint 2015

Furmint Day website is available in 11 languages now, and the social pages show photos of those share their bottle in the internet with the hashtag #furmintday.

The founder of the website and the brain behind Furmint Day is Dániel Kézdy, a Hungarian wine expert, who invented Furmint February event years ago. As he says: Furmint is a special, exciting and really likeable variety. Its elegance and complexity is perhaps comparable only to the nicest Chardonnays of Burgundy and Rhine Rieslings of Germany.”

Furmint February Grand Tasting is on 2nd of February at the Hungarian Agricultural Museum – in a spectacular building near Heroes’ Square in Budapest. The evening tasting (from 4 pm to 9 pm) is a showcase of more than 150 premium Furmint wines – for example T Furmint from Pajzos Tokaj winery, which is a very clean and fresh Furmint “with the scent of a dewy spring meadow with some mango basis, in which the acid caracter of the Furmint is clo
sed with a little creaminess.”

Tickets are available on the spot for 12 500 HUF (40 euros) or prior for 9900 HUF


List of wineries exhibiting at Furmint February Grand Tasting

Official page of the 1st International Furmint Day



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