Villányi Franc Top 12 Hungary 2023

Top 12 Cabernet Franc from Villány revealed

The 8th edition of Franc & Franc Forum and Tasting Day

Franc & Franc annual November event seems to be something like Bordeaux Marathon: if you don’t book immediately when it is announced, you will have no chance to get in. The day of the conference and the tasting day were both fully booked, which proves that Villány does not only give great wines, but is sexy. The Top 12 Villányi Franc wines were also presented during the event, go on reading to see the full list. We will also tell you which is the Best Buy Villány Cabernet Franc! Now the whole pack of 12 wines is available for as little as 99 000 HUF / 260 EUR!

Photos: Zoltán Kiss Gadget

More than 190 people were sitting in the conference hall of Bock Winery, actually there was not a single empty chair. The theme of the Forum this year was the so-called Mediterranean lifestyle with a focus on Tuscany, especially Bolgheri. Stefano Dini Italian viticulturist consultant and Emiliano Falsini winemaking consultant gave a lecture together with Hungarian researcher Ignác Ruppert from Cellarius Ltd. It was astonishing to see the similarities between Bolgheri and Villány regarding climatic conditions, the profile of the wines and many other aspects (it was also interesting to see the differences in costs and prices…). Participants could also taste the Mediterranean with the help of Gianni Annoni, a renowned Italian born restaurateur of Hungary. One of the highlights of the conference was the revelation of the Top 12 Villányi Franc wines as a result of a rigorous blind tasting. The presentation was held by András Horkay, director of CEWI wine school, the leader of the blind tasting. Peter McCombie MW and Simone Tacconi Italian wine merchant also presented some wines

The next day wine connoisseurs could join professionals and they had the chance to taste as many as 70 Villányi Franc wines at different wineries, they were transferred from one to the other by buses. As the organizers commented, it was the last year with only 5 buses, there is such a high demand on more places.

Franc & Franc Forum in Villány, Hungary
Full house – Peter McCombie MW and Simone Tacconi speakers in front on the right

Top 12 Villányi Franc

Actually, we can use the name Villányi Franc only in case of premium and super premium wines, however, the first two wines fall into the classicus category and they are not allowed to bear the name Villányi Franc. For the regulation scroll down.

  1. Mokos Cabernet Franc 2020 (classicus)
  2. Koch Villányi Cabernet Franc 2020 (classicus)
  3. Ipacs Szabó Nászút helyett Villányi Franc 2020 (premium)
  4. Ruppert Villányi Franc 2019 (premium)
  5. Csányi Kővilla Válogatás Villányi Franc 2018 (premium)
  6. Vinatus Villányi Franc 2018 (premium)
  7. CEGA Villányi Franc 2017 (premium)
  8. Sauska Villányi Franc Makár 2016 (premium)
  9. Szemes Villányi Franc Délután 2020 (super premium)
  10. Bock Villányi Franc Essencia 2020 (super premium)
  11. Riczu Villányi Franc 2019 (super premium)
  12. Vylyan Villányi Franc Mandulás 2019 (super premium)

Until 7 December you can order the whole 12 pack only for 99 000 HUF (shipment is not included).

Contact Villány wine region team to order.

Best Buy: Koch Villányi Cabernet Franc

Classicus category shows the fruitiest face of Cabernet Franc in Villány. Csaba Koch, whose headquarter is in Hajós–Baja wine region, has been producing red wines in Villány for several years with great success. For this 2020 Cabernet Franc healthy whole bunches of grapes were harvested and carefully processed. After malolactic fermentation in tank, maturation took place in second-fill and third-fill Hungarian oak barrels for 12 months. 8000 bottles were made and it costs only 5 euros. Fruit driven, charming, refreshing Cabernet Franc of which you want to have another glass. The sweet barrel spices do not mask the lovely, ripened fruit and its vibrant acidity lifts it up nicely.

More about Koch Winery

Pálma Koch winemaker Villány and Hajós–Baja, Hungary
Pálma Koch presenting Koch Villányi Cabernet Franc 2020

Villányi Cabernet Franc Regulation

Classicus Cabernet Franc can be made
– from grapes harvested in Villány wine region,
– with a minimum ageing of 6 months in oak barrel.
Premium Villányi Franc can be made
– from grapes harvested with a maximum yield of 60 hl/ha,
– aged in oak for at least one year and also benefits from long bottle ageing.
Super Pre­mium Villányi Franc means that
– it is made from 100% Cabernet Franc grapes
– with a maximum yield of 35 hl/ha.
– It spends a minimum of one year in oak and one year in bottle.

Franc & Franc Forum Villány 2023
Summerizing the conference: Andrea Gere, Peter McCombie MW, Stefano Dini, Gianni Annoni, András Horkay

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