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Kéknyelű – the beauty of Badacsony

An aristocratic variety with several “annoying” characteristics: it ripens relatively late, therefore it needs protection from the hungry games living in the forests of volcanic Badacsony and Szent György mountains. It needs help to pollinate: planting alternate rows with a variety such as Budai Zöld encourages more consistent pollination. The bunches are not full of berries, the yield is always low. Yet several winemakers see the potential and some of them compare it to the merits of Furmint. In good vintages it gives elegant wine with creamy structure and subtle, fine acidity. High alcohol and residual sugar do not match with its elegant structure, thus bone dry, low alcohol Kéknyelű wines are the most beautiful ones.

Borbély Kéknyelű 2019, Badacsony

Tamás Borbély, the youngest Winemaker of the Year ever and his family makes an excellent example of the variety. Their 2019 Kéknyelű Selection was selected the best Kéknyelű by Vince wine magazine readers. Mineral character – due to the volcanic soil – and some subtle oaky tones from the 7 months barrel ageing.
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Borbély Kéknyelű Selection Badacsony Hungary

Leányka – a little girl capable of great things

The name ‘leányka’ means ‘little girl’, and the variety is quite likely to originate from Transylvania (Romania). Most of the Leányka plantations are located in Eger wine region. Lányka gives moderate acidity, slightly aromatic, easy drinking wines. It has the potential to give lovely natural sweet wines as well. With low yield it can give concentrated, floral wines with silky, creamy texture. Some experts compare it to Viognier variety.

Tóth Ferenc Édes Lányom 2019, Eger

Tóth Ferenc Winery has made award winning, stunning dry Leányka wines, for example Tóth Ferenc Egri Leányka Superior 2016 won gold medal at Mundus Vini, and the winery also released some 50 year old bottles of Leányka to prove its ageing potential. ‘Édes Lányom’ meaning ‘My Sweet Daughter’ is a natural sweet wine. Darker, straw yellow colour. Jasmine, geranium and grape flower flows out of the glass. When we taste, ripened, sweet peach follows the floral notes. Great sugar-acidity-alcohol balance (50 g/l sugar, 5.1 g/l acidity and 11.5% alc). Some bitter almond and ripe apple in the aftertaste.
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Tóth Ferenc Egri Leányka

Királyleányka – delicate and gracious

The world Királyleányka literally means little princess. Királyleányka is said to be a natural hybrid of Leányka and Kövérszőlő – this latest is one of the typical grapes of Tokaj wine region. The grape was introduced in Hungary in the 1970s. It was said to be identical with Fetească Regală, however comparison of their DNA profiles shows that Királyleányka and Fetească Regală from Romania are distinct varieties (Wine Grapes). The wine made of Királyleányka has light yellow colour with greenish taint. It is slightly aromatic, delicate. It has a significant, but pleasant acidity. Its fresh acidity makes it a good blending partner for other, softer aromatic varieties. On the nose and palate it is full of fresh fruits and flowers. The lightly perfumed, grapey, light wine is a popular summer party wine nowadays.

Vesztergombi Királyleány 2022, Szekszárd

While the family winery is famous for its great red wines, they are capable of joyous, easy drinking whites as well. ‘Királylány’ (meaning ‘Princess’ without the diminutive suffix ‘-ka’ from the name of the variety) is a lovely example of the grape. Crispy, refreshing wine full of floral aromas and juicy, sun ripened white flesh fruits. “The Princess of Leanyvár.  Light, mischievous and mysterious. We have awoken our Princess in the five acre vineyard of Leányvár. The core of the wine is given by the white wine, Királylányka, veiled in 16% by the white Cserszegi Fűszeres wine. Light floral and fruity aromas, flavours with a crisp acidity. There is no leftover in the glass.” And a bottle costs only 1740 HUF! (About 4.6 euro)
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Vesztergombi Királylány Szekszárd

Ezerjó – thousand pleasures

It is almost totally restricted to one wine region, named Mór. The small region is proud of the grape and its winemakers produce more and more remarkable wines from this lesser known and lesser respected grape. Kunság, the largest wine region of Hungary is the other most important source of Ezerjó wines. Literally Ezerjó means ‘Thousand Good’, and it used to be one of the most common varieties in Hungary, well known throughout the Carpathian Basin. Ezerió wines have pale, greenish colour. Restrained on the nose, slightly aromatic. Light body, easy drinking, juicy with high acidity.
Ezerjó has its own day on 16 May.
More about Ezerjó Day

Frittmann Ezerjó 2022, Kunság

Frittmann Winery is the leading estate in Kunság wine region with the prestigious titles Winemaker of the Year (2007) and Winery of the Year (2015). A greenish-yellow wine, and not only in colour, but also in aroma as citrus, green apple, white flowers and peach among the notes all provide a fresh character to the wine. Body is light, structure is vigorous due to the balanced alcohol content and dynamic acids, which make the sip relatively tight. Straight, well balanced and exciting wine made of “Ezerjó”. It is recommended to be paired with poultry, fish dishes and cheese. Serve chilled to 12–14°C.
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Frittmann Ezerjó

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