layered potato with Borbély Bács Olaszrizling

Layered potato with Borbély Bács Olaszrizling

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This simple, casserole dish is known in every Hungarian household. It is simple, easy to make, quite cheap, but using good quality ingredients it can be elevated to a noble level. Due to the complexity of the taste (smoked sausage, eggs, sour cream), it needs an equally complex with crispy acidity (to combat the fat from the sour cream and the sausage. We have tried with a single vineyard, barrel aged Olaszrizling from Badacsony region – it was excellent! Plus, Borbély Bács-Hegy Olasz rizling 2021 has just received 4 stars at Vince magazine – meaning ‘outstanding wine’.

Layered potato

It might be related to the French tartiflette or the also French dauphinois (potato gratin), however, while the French use a lot of cheese and cream, we use eggs and sour cream, therefore the overall taste experience is totally different. It is a truly traditional Hungarian dish first mentioned in 1840 in the cookbook by István Czifray. You can also add bacon (cut into small cubes), you can mix the sour cream with egg yolks to make it even richer, you can add more layers – the variations are infinite.

Ingredients (for 4 people)
– 1 kilo of potatoes (cooked in whole, sliced)
– 5 eggs (cooked in whole, sliced)
– 300 g sliced smoked sausage (we use Hungarian smoked sausage with paprika)
– At least 0.5 L sour cream (available in Eastern European shops or it can be replaced by crème fraîche)
– a tbs of butter
– salt, pepper

Layered potato recipe
1. Spread the butter in an ovenproof dish or place baking paper on the tray and lay half of the potato slices. Sprinkle with salt. Add the egg slices as well, salt them (moderately, the sausage is salty).
layered potato
2. Put the sausage slices on the egg slices. If children eat as well, you can use less spicy sausage and add some sliced frankfurter.
layered potato recipe
3. Add the sour cream, spread it evenly.
layered potatoes
4. Slice another layer of potatoes on top.
layered potatoes
5. Add some more sour cream so that it will be nicely juicy.
6. Bake it in the oven until the topping gets brownish.
6. Bake it in the oven until the topping gets brownish.

Borbély Bács-Hegy Olasz rizling 2021, Badacsony

Borbély winery pays special attention to Olaszrizling variety, which is the most planted grape around Lake Balaton. Tamás Borbély, who received the prestigious title Winemaker of the Year in 2020, is also dubbed as “Mr Olaszrizling” due to his passion for the variety. The estate uses an older spelling of the grape, this is why Olasz rizling is written in two words on their labels. The grapes for this wine come from Bács hill, a vineyard with clay soil. The vines were planted in the 1970s. The wine was fermented in 1000 litre new oak barrel and aged on fine lees with batonnage for 6 months. It costs 5500 HUF / 13-14 EUR in retail in Hungary.
“Deep lemon colour. Great intensity on the nose with citrus fruits, peach and other white flesh fruits. Full bodied, complex palate with peach, lovely flavours, medium high acidity and medium length.” (Wine description by Vince magazine from the March issue.)

More about Borbély Family Winery

Borbély Family Winery

Are you looking for a quiet weekend escape?

The Guest House of Borbély family (accommodating up to 10 people) is suitable for winter as well and the rustic cellar tasting room can seat groups of up to 60 people all year long. But there is no need to fear of industrial like hospitality: it is still Gabriella, the wife of the founder, mother of the star winemaker, who prepares home made, delicious dishes for the guests!  For a tasting in the spacious tasting room fresh salty bakery, home made cold cut and sausage platter, artisan cheese is offered, and hot meal can also be ordered upon advance request.

For more information, contact the winery:
Borbély Family Winery – Wine House and Guest House
8258 Badacsonytomaj, Káptalantóti út 19.
Tel.: +36-30/927-1414


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