Hungarian gold winners at Berliner Wine Trophy winter tasting 2023

More than 100 Hungarian gold medals from Berlin

Altogether 102 gold medals were given to Hungarian wines, two of them a grand gold. In 2019 we won 25 gold while in 2021 Hungary received 70 gold, so there is a visible increase!

Some more numbers

The Hungarian gold winners are mostly white, 58 of them, 38 red and 6 rose wines.Most of them are dry, 84 of them while the rest 18 contains some residual sugar. 8 gold winners are sparkling wines, the rest are still. We have already presented two gold winners, Babarczi Marianum 2020, a Cabernet Franc from Pannonhalma and Bock BV Extreme Syrah 2020 from Villány. Let us introduce some more Hungarian gold winner wines.

Béres Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos 2011

The natural sweet wine of Tokaj cannot miss from the list of gold winners. Béres Vineyards is a family winery, where the managing couple, Melinda Regéczy-Béres and Dávid Regéczy pay outmost attention to the vineyards and the cellar full of maturing wines. At Berliner Wine Trophy two of their wines received gold medal: Béres Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos 2016 and Béres Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos 2011. This latter one proves the long ageing potential: the wine is more than 12 years old and yet it is youthful and refreshing full of citrusy aromas besides the dried figs, dates and raisins. A complex, full bodied, layered wine with endless aftertaste.
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Béres Tokaji Aszú Hungary

Eszterbauer Báró Steiner 2019

Báró stands for Baron, a noble title, yet Steiner was not an aristocrat, he was a seasoned master of cards and led a hedonic lifestyle (read more about him here). Eszterbauer Báró Steiner is a Bikavér, a blend of Merlot, Kadarka, Cabernet Franc, Kekfrankos, Cabernet Sauvignon. The family winery in Szekszárd won two gold medals in Berlin, one for Báró Steiner and one for Eszterbauer Mesterünk 2019, a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc.

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Eszterbauer Báró Steiner Bikavér Szekszárd Hungary

Frittmann Frisecco 2022

Frisecco, as the name suggests is a prosecco-style wine with slight bubbling. An aerated sparkling wine, so the carbon dioxide was added. It is 100% Irsai Olivér, an indigenous, aromatic Hungarian grape variety. The wine is a good example of the fact that an everyday, moderate priced wine can also be outstanding in its category. Frittmann is a family winery in Kunság wine region, and in Berlin they won another gold medal for Frittmann Rosé Cuvée 2022.
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Frittmann Frisecco Sparkling Kunság Hungary

Hold and Hollo Dry 2021

Holdvölgy is an estate in Mád, in Tokaj wine region and they are famous for their gorgeous dry and sweet premium wines, like Meditation, Exaltation or Signature. However, the winery has a family of three wines with distinctive, intense coloured labels made of soft rubber, these wines are fruity, juicy – they show an approachable, charming face of Tokaj. The gold winner in our cover photo is Hold and Hollo Dry 2021, a fruity, dry (with 8.5 g residual sugar), stainless steel aged wine made of Zéta, Muscat Lunel, Hárslevelű, Furmint. Hold and Hollo Sweet 2018 also won gold medal in Berlin.
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Holdvölgy Hold and Hollo Tokaj Dry Hungary

Lajver Batonnage Chardonnay 2021

Lajver Wine House in Szekszárd wine region has a wide portfolio, and many winelovers became followers because of their good price value wines. However, the winery and the young, ambitious and talented winemaker, Rebeka Vida proves from time to time that the estate is capable of outstanding wines in the premium segment. This Chardonnay was kept on the lees for 4 months stirring the lees twice a week, followed by 12 months bottle ageing. Lajver won another gold medal with Lajver Signum Bikavér 2020.
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Lajver Signum Bikavér Chardonnay Batonnage Szekszárd Hungary

Steigler Furmint 2021

Steigler Cellar is in the heart of the town of Sopron, on the west part of Hungary, just the opposite end of the country from Tokaj, where most Furmint wines come from. Yet Steigler Cellar has proved that Furmint feels good on the westand is capable of world class wines. The cellar is worth visiting, only an hour by train from Vienna, and the Kékfrankoswines are also unmissable, just like the Zöld Veltelini (Grüner Veltliner) wines of the estate. And as for this gold winner Furmint, this gold is the third consecutive Berliner gold for the third consecutive vintage!
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Steigler Furmint Sopron Hungary

Teleki Tradíció 1881 Pinot Noir White 2019

The Villány winery is named after Zsigmond Teleki, the world famous viticulturist, who found the cellar in 1881, hence the name of this premium, bottle fermented sparkling wine – to honour the great grape expert, the saviour of many vineyards in Europe during phylloxera plague. The estate has made rosé Pinot Noir sparkling wine for a few years, but this blanc de noir is a new release – with immediate success. Complex aroma with peach, orange and discreet yeastiness, finely woven texture, tight structure, vibrant acidity and crystal clear flavours.
More about Csányi Winery and Teleki wines

Teleki Tradíció 1881 Pinot Noir white Brut Villány Hungary

Vesztergombi Fusion 2019

Fusion is a new release from the Szekszárd based family winery. Ferenc Vesztergombi and his son, Csaba must have a heap of gold medals at home, wherever they enter, they win. And this series of succes has been going on for more than 3 decades, as we reported several times for example here about Vesztergombi Alpha, the best Hungarian red wine or here about 5 great Vesztergombi wines.Fusion is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz.
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Vesztergombi wines Szekszárd

Vylyan Mandulás 2019

Mandolás has been a flagship, single vineyard wine of the estate with grapes harvested in Mandolás vineyard. However, Gombás vineyard also gives outstanding fruit, thus from the 2017 vintage they blended the wines of the best Cabernet Franc from Mandolás and Gombás vineyards. Since the wine is not a single vineyard wine any more, but a barrel selection, they changed the name, just a little bit, so that for customers it could be clear that the wine was the same style and quality. ‘Mandolás’ is the archaic version of the word ‘mandulás’ and it means (a vineyard) ‘with almond trees’. Vylyan Vineyard and Winery from Villány wine region has won another gold medal for Vylyan Duennium 2015, a blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot.
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See the full list of Hungarian gold medal winners of Berliner Wine Trophy winter tasting 2023 here.

Vylyan Mandulás Cabernet Franc Villány Hungary

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