Organic indigenious Kéknyelű among the wines of Parliament

Dobosi, Béres, Eszterbauer, Grand Tokaj and other great wines

The first wine selection of the Hungarian Parliament took place last year. For the second edition this year 160 wines arrived from 17 wine regions in 8 categories. The house of Parliament will buy 200 bottles of each winner wine and serve them at Parliament receptions.

The winners of each category

  • Olaszrizling (as known as Welschriesling): Figula Lőcze Olaszrizling 2015, Balatonfüred
  • Furmint or Furmint based blends: Béres Naparany Cuvée 2015, Tokaj
  • Other white wines made of any of the indigenous varieties of Hárslevelű, Juhfark, Ezerjó and Kéknyelű: Dobosi Bio Kéknyelű, 2016, Balaton-felvidék
  • Kadarka: „Nagyapám” Szekszárdi Kadarka 2017 (Eszterbauer winery)
  • Kékfrankos (as known as Blaufrankisch): Günzer Zoltán Kékfrankos 2012, Villány
  • Bikavér (or as it was used to be called, the Bull’s Blood): Petrény Borgundi Bikavér 2012, Eger
  • Cabernet Franc: Juhász Testvérek Cabernet Franc Grand Selection, 2012, Eger
  • Tokaji Aszú dessert wine: Grand Tokaj Szarvas Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos 2013, Tokaj

Organic Kéknyelű

The wine selection was created to represent the wine styles of Hungary, thus the unique  grape of Badacsony and Balaton-felvidék is a great choice. Dobosi is a family winery who cultivate their vineyards organically, and this wine s really a pearl, a wonderful example of the variety – we can confirm it, since the writer of these lines has been member of the jury at the Parliament wine selection, in the committee to evaluate this category. “Wines made of Kéknyelű grape usually have greenish colour even after years, but for this wine the grape was left longer on the vines, thus the resulting wine has a concentrated, oily, yellow texture. Blossoming trees and other white flowers on the nose with some figs. Wonderful acidity dominates the palate with notes of birch. Beautiful, long finish. It needs some areation so that the wine could fully show aromas typical of the terroir.”

Cellar under the Parliament?

The House of Parliament of Hungary is the largest governing building of the continent of Europe (London’s Houses of Parliament is bigger, but it is not on the continent as strictly as that), and the third largest House of Parliament in the world. It is situated on the bank of the river Danube, and the magnificent building is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The Holy Crown of the ancient kings is exhibited in here. The square of the Parliament has been entirely renovated recently and some restoration works began again. Part of the plan is to create a wine cellar under the house.

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