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The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has organized a wine selection since 2001, and now it sends the selected wines to 140 embassies and other institutes all over the world – which makes the ministry the largest exporter of Hungarian wines. Wines are selected in two categories: “grand superior” for diplomacy meetings and “party” for larger events. Now we will share the result of the latest wine selection.

Kreinbacher Brut Classic

Hungary is living its sparkling revolution: more and more high quality sparkling wines are available, especially from local grapes, and Kreinbacher from Somló is definitely the forerunner of this movement now with established reputation. Christian Forget Champagne cellar master works as a consultant, and the wine estate can boast countless acklowledgements. Brut Classic is made of 57% Furmint, 29% Chardonnay and 14% Pinot Blanc. “White-fleshed fruits, biscuit and discrete flowers – enticing aromas line up in the nose. Besides the distinct fruitiness of Furmint, the most respected grape variety for sparkling wines, Chardonnay ensures great elegance. Refreshing grapefruit, lime and peach arrive first on the palate, the layered character is enhanced by brioche, nuts and some saltiness. The mousse is soft and enduring, the dosage ensures an ideal balance. Fine choice for each and every occasion.”

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Borbély Bács-hegy Olaszrizling, 2016

Our most planted white grape is essential in this wine selection – and some of the most beautiful examples can be found around Lake Balaton. Badacsony is one of the wine regions of the lake, and Borbély Family Winery dedicates special attention to the variety. Bács-hegy is a single vineyard Olaszrizling (also known as Welschriesling or Grasevina) with great complexity, aged for 6 months in new oak. Apart from the characteristics of the variety, ripened fruit and some subtle oaky tones in the background can be discovered both on the nose and the palate. The unique character of the terroir is also reflected in this complex wine.”

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Tűzkő Domb Cuvée, 2017

Tolna wine region in the south of Hungary is most well-known for Tűzkő Estate, a winery which belongs to Marchese Piero Antinori, the toscan wine icon. No wonder, this Hungarian estate gives wonderful wines both white and red. Tűzkő Domb Cuvée is a blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot. “Deep colour, full bodied, matured wine rich in refined tannins. Thanks to the two varieties fruity and spicy notes meet, and the blend is made complex with some discrete barrel ageing and 10 months of bottle ageing. Refined, integrated tannins with the deep, warm character of Cabernet Franc and the velvety and chocolate character of Merlot.

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The full list of 2020 wine selection

 Sparkling wines

Grand Superior: Kreinbacher, Somló, Brut Classic
Grand Superior: Teleki, Villány, Tradíció Pinot Noir Rose, 2016
Party: Etyeki Kúria, Etyek, Pláne (white)
Party: Dereszla, Tokaj, Chateau Dereszla, classic sparkling wine, 2015

Light white wines

Grand Superior: Martinus, Badacsony, Olaszrizling, Tagyon-hegy, 2018
Grand Superior: Laposa, Badacsony, Olaszrizling, 4 hegy, 2018

Complex white wines

Grand Superior: Demeter Zoltán, Tokaj, Furmint, 2018
Grand Superior: Béres, Tokaj, Furmint, Lőcse , 2017
Party: Paulus, Mór, Zenit, Gold, 2018
Party: Borbély, Badacsony, Olaszrizling, Bács-hegy, 2016

Light red wines

Grand Superior: Kovács Nimród, Eger, Bikavér, Rhapsody, 2017
Grand Superior: Vesztergombi, Szekszárd, Kékfrankos, Porkoláb völgy, 2017

Full bodied red wines

Grand Superior: Tűzkő, Tolna, Tűzkő Domb Cuvée, 2017
Grand Superior: Sauska, Villány, Cabernet Franc, 2016
Party: Vida, Szekszárd, Tündértánc, 2016
Party: Tiffán, Villány, RedY, 2018

Late harvest sweet wines

Grand Superior: Barta, Tokaj, Furmint, Öreg Király dűlő, késői, 2018
Grand Superior: Bott Judit, Tokaj, Szamorodni, 2017

Tokaji Aszú

Grand Superior: Kvaszinger, Tokaj, Aszú, 6 puttonyos, Relique, 2016
Grand Superior: Pajzos, Tokaj, Aszú, 5 puttonyos, 2016
Party: Harsányi, Tokaj, Furmint, Hízelgő, 2017
Party: Demetervin, Tokaj, Szamorodni, 2013

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