The land of stars and blood

The same climate as that of Burgundy

Maybe this is the most often cited attribute of Eger wine region, but not the only one. A historic, 1000 year old wine region around the famous city of Eger, the city of legends. Eger might not be the most famous, but it must be the most versatile: besides the Burgundy varieties – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir – you will find the authentic blends, the red Egri Bikavér and the white Egri Csillag. Single varietal wines made of indigenous grapes are important as well, like Kékfrankos, Leányka, Kadarka, and some exciting wines are made of common and less common international grape varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Viognier. The tasting lasts for four hours – just enough to visit the 10 exhibitors.

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Wineries from the „grand cru”

Do not miss Gróf Buttler and Kovács Nimród Wineries, both have wines from the best „grand cru” of Eger called Nagy Eged.
From Gróf Buttler the concentrated, unique Syrah Grand Selection 2013 is a must:

  • Very deep, almost black colour. This is a full bodied, elegant wine. Very concentrated, complex on the nose and on the palate: red and black berries (black current, black cherry, dried plum) with the barrel aromas (mediterranean herbs, chocolate, cocoa bean, vanilla, nuts) and moderate minerality. Nice acids, ripe tannins, long aftertaste. Still very young, with long aging potential.
  • Kovács Nimród Winery is probably the only one producing wine of Furming grape in Eger, and of superb quality. A not-to-miss chance to taste Nagy Eged Furmint 2014 now!
    This elegant Furmint comes from the best terroirin Eger, the Nagy-Eged hill as a special gift from a very good year. It was fermented and agedin 225 liters and 500 liters barrels onlees for 8 months. The colour of the wine is glit. The start of the aroma is discrete and elegant. A complex wine, exhibiting pear and apricot flavors with limestone and flint overtones.  When it opens the taste is vanilla peach, toasted seeds, smooth and soft with nice long, clean finish. It is lovely now and will age very nicely in the bottle.

Tickets are available in limited quantity, price: 4500 HUF (14,5 euros)
The event website is in Hungarian, but you can write to the organizers for help.

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