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Today: Furmint Day!

“Avoid alliterations, always” says a funny collection of rules for writers. Well, it might be cheap to make use of the identical initials, but still, it sounds good. So yes, February is the month of Furmint grape, and it begins with Furmint Day, a day which is now recognized from Australia to Greece.

Why am I mentioning Greece?

Because I am honoured to write about Furmint for a great wine website called Unraveling Wine, run by a Greek wine writer, Anna Maria Kambourakis Kokologiannakis. As we reported earlier, she collected all the wine days in a useful calendar, and she is following up with a detailed description of each celebrated grape variety. The wise format of the article is created by Anna Maria, and I was happy to adjust the content to this smart scheme.
So please, go to Unraveling Wine to read about the story and the characteristics of Furmint – and of course, enjoy a glass of Furmint or more today and on any day of February.

Furmint Day on Unraveling Wine


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