Today is Cabernet Franc Day – do you know whose idea was it?

Hungary is one of the top producers of varietal Cabernet Franc wines, especially the southern Villány wine region, when numerous great wineries work with the variety, and Villány wine region makes a lot effort to set rules, make the wineries obey the rules and altogether make Villányi Franc outstanding.

The Franc & Franc event is a great sign of their effort, it took place on 18–19 November with international experts. Look at the pictures and open a bottle of Hungarian Cabrenet Franc! Bock, Gere, Malatinszky, Csányi – you cannot make a mistake with them.And guess what nationality is the guy (or guys) who launched the International Cabernet Franc Day… We will tell you below the photos!


Fotos: Pécsi borozó (Zoltán Győrffy)


Well, though we, Hungarians like to think that our genius minds are everywhere from the C-vitamin to atomic bomb, Cabernet Franc Day was not invented by a Hungarian, but an American couple, Lori and Michel Budd, owners of a Californian winery called Dracaena Wines, just because they believe in this variety. This how they chose the day:

‘So why December 4th you ask?

I didn’t just randomly choose a day.  I wanted a day with historical significance.  Cabernet Franc is believed to have been established in the Libournais region of southwest France sometime in the 17th century, when Cardinal Richelieu transported cuttings from the Abbey of Bourgeil to the Loire Valley. During his political tenure he was vitally involved in the reform of France. King Louis XIV continued in Richelieu’s vision of creating an absolute monarchy. Historically, Richelieu’s motives are debatable.  Some historians believe him to be a patriotic supporter of the monarchy, while other claim he was simply a power-hungry cynic which is how he is portrayed in the Dumas novel “The Three Musketeers.” Cardinal Richelieu died on December 4, 1642 at the age of 57. It is on this date that I chose to celebrate the grape, that without him, we would not have.’

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