Csetvei Pinot Noir

Zengő – a new wine bar of refined taste

The one year old wine bar in the heart of Budapest offers much more than a good wine selection: art with music (for example the Glass of Jazz events, one edition on 28 October), webshop with exciting wines to explore (vinomarket.hu) and a community of experts who provide plenty of wine reviews (bortkostolunk.hu).

Wines that make you sing

Some words give you a positive feeling regardless the meaning, just because they sound nicely. ‘zengő’ is a word like that, probably due to its voiced consonants. However, in case of Zengő wine bar the meaning is important as well: if someone has a ‘zengő’ voice, his singing is pleasant and can be heard from a long distance, something like ‘resonant’.

The wine selection at Zengő Wine Bar is stunning, some suggestions:

– Taste indigenous Kéknyelű variety from volcanic Badacsony, from the Winemaker of the Year 2020, Borbély Family Winery: Borbély Kéknyelű Selection 2017.

– Explore the exciting Mátra wine region through Dubicz  Winery and Vineyard wines, for example Dubicz 1014 Hárslevelű 2017.

– Discover wines of the amazing Csetvei Cellar in Mór wine region from amphora aged Ezerjó to Csetvei Pinot Noir 2018, the only red wine of the winery.

As mentioned above, Zengő is a complex project involving a team of wine experts giving wine reviews regularly. Csetvei Pinot Noir 2018 (see cover photo above) is described as “a wine of character. Light, fruity and elegant wine full of notes of raspberry, red currant and cherry.”

Find Zengő wine bar in Budapest

1088 Budapest, Krúdi Gyula u. 6.

Tel.: +36 30 755 8172

Email: cultinglass@gmail.com




Zengő Wine Bar

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