A „Magnum” wine tasting


More than 200 Hungarian wineries on 17 February

Borjour is a team of wine enthusiasts, who organize wine events in a „funky” way – they offer tastings in a river cruise ship, in a roundabout (really!) or in a tunnel deep under the ground. Their largest annual event is called Borjour Magnum – yes, magnum stands for the size of the event, and it offers unlimited tasting of the exhibited wines.

The largest event?

The organizers claim Borjour Magnum to be the biggest indoor wine tasting in Hungary, and take all things into consideration indeed it is: Budapest Wine Festival is larger, but it is an outdoor event in the wonderful World Heritage Castle of Buda, while VinCE Budapest Wine Show is a larger scale indoor event if we add up masterclasses and workshops, but definitely Borjour Magnum is the largest wine tasting where you can sample wines from the largest number of wineries under one roof.

No suits, no ties!

Borjour events are not trade exhibitions, so do not expect serious businessmen with namecards and briefcases. It is a consumer event, thus no suprise if visitors not only sample, but drink as well. You can come across professionals as well, but this relaxed wine tasting is more about celebrating wine and discovering new favourite wineries.

Want something new? 5 wines to start with at Borjour Magnum

The little estate from Badacsony wine region is a really big „hit” now, even the most critical wine bloggers use only positive superlatives when describe their wines.  This Rhine Riesling is just one superb white wine of them, but you must also taste their different variations of Olaszrizling wines.

New vintage rosé from Pannonhalma wine region Babarczi arrived in January, so it is really fresh. Enchanting pale pink colour, fresh nose with lovely red berry fruits, refreshing palate.

Taschner Wine and Sparkling Wine Cellar is new to hungarianwines.eu, though not new in the Hungarian wine scene: following his father’s path Kurt Tascher has been making wines for more than two decades, and beside still wines he creates super elegant méthode traditionnelle sparkling wines!

  • Bio Dobosi Cuvée 2015 and 2016

The two vintages in the name of the wine is not a mistake: indeed it is a blend of two vintages, which is not common at all! What is the reason behind? Ask the winemaker himself! Dobosi is an organic winery from the picturesque Balaton Uplands, and they are the latest who joined our website, and we warmly recommend you to taste their Juhfark and Olaszrizling wines as well!

Though it is the largest winery in Villány, apart from the well made, easy drinking entry level wines they have upper level, exclusive labels as well. Teleki Selection is a new wine family concentrating on the highlights of Villány region, with a label design expressing modernity and freshness. Chateau Teleki is another, more exclusive label within the winery, and the new vintage Chateau Teleki wines have just come out, come and taste them! These wines also received new labels depicting the old gate in the cellar of the winery.

Just a few more exhibitors to mention

Kovács Nimród and Tóth Ferenc Wineries from Eger, Laposa Estate from Badacsony region, Béres Winery, Grand Tokaj and Patricius Wine House from Tokaj, Koch Winery from Hajós–Baja, Kristinus and Garamvári from South Balaton, Vylyan Vineyard and Winery from Villány, Lajvér from Szekszárd.

Tickets in advance: 6900 HUF (23 euros)

Tickets (purchasing website is in Hungarian, but you will solve it)

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