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Furmint February in Budapest on 1st February

Grand tasting with more than 50 wine exhibitors

Furmint is great and thanks to the initiatives like Furmint February, more and more people get familiar with Furmint grape variety. Save the date and taste Furmint from not only Tokaj, but also from Somló, Sopron or Badacsony. A Hungarian wine expert, Dániel Kézdy launched this Furmint event 15 years ago, and by now the tasting has become an unmissable meeting point for Furmint lovers.

Save the date!

Date and time: 1st February 2024
Venue: Hagyományok Háza (Hungarian Heritage House), Budapest, Corvin square 8, Hungary
Tickets: Early bird tickets are available until 31 December. Price: 15 900 HUF / 42 EUR or 19 900 HUF / 52 EUR (with a Riedel glass)
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Riedel Furmint glasses are provided for the perfect tasting experience. The glasses can be rented for 3000 HUF / 8 EUR. Deposit will be refunded upon returning the intact glass.
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Some of the exhibitors: Béres Vineyards (Erdőbénye, Tokaj), Holdvölgy (Mád, Tokaj), Pálffy Vineyard and Cellar (Balaton Uplands), Patricius Winery (Tokaj), Spiegelberg Artizan Winery (Somló), Steigler Cellar (Sopron), Zsirai Winery (Tokaj)

Let’s meditate with Holdvölgy

Holdvölgy estate in Mád (Tokaj) (meaning ‘Moonvalley’) makes outstanding wines, and their 100% Furmint is stunningas well. Meditation is the name of the varietal Furmint wines (see in our cover photo), currently vintage 2020 is on sale, however, at Furmint February the 2021 vintage will debut. Meditation is always fermented in stainless steel and aged for some 5 months in barrel. The grape comes from Király vineyard, a 1st class cru of Tokaj.
About Meditation 2020: “The 6th release of our parcel selected dry Furmint from the historical first growth Király. “An elegant wine in the spirit of a modern and crystal clear style. On the nose fresh anise with a hint of apple and almond blossom. Elegant smoky notes intensify its minerality. The palate is dominated by white grapefruit and almond. The sip is powerful with a long finish.”

More about Holdvölgy

Furmint glass by Riedel
Furmint glass by Riedel

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