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Goose News 1. – 2020 Kékfrankos Rosé as free gift

Hungary has not developed a Beaujolais-like new vintage festivity, but there is something similar, called St Martin weekend with plenty of goose dishes. Covid 19 has cancelled all the St Martin feasts, but we can still have fun at home, so our Goose News are Good News – we will provide you with bits of information, recipes and certainly wine recommendations – to somehow comfort you in these dark weeks.

2020 Tóth Ferenc Rosé

If you happen to be stuck in Hungary, it is a must to order wines from Tóth Ferenc Winery. The estate is situated in Eger wine region, their Bikavér wines are amazing, but also they have accumulated several international and national accolades for their white wines, too, for example for the juicy, super delicious, super elegant Egri Leányka Superior.

The first rosé of the winery is made of Kékfrankos – as usually. Kékfrankos is an ideal grape variety for producing rosé (see more in our Grape Dictionary). For this wine grape was harvested by hand on the 25th September in Cigléd vineyard. The free run juice was fermented for 14 days, and after a short ageing in stainless steel tank the wine was bottled on the 3rd November. The wine reveals the typical varietal character: strawberry and raspberry on the nose, refreshing acidy and amazingly zesty fruity taste. A little residual carbon dioxide elevates freshness to another level.

Now or never

If you order from Tóth Ferenc Winery webshop, you will get a free bottle of this new vintage rosé wine (until 30th November, over 15.000 HUF purchase). The wine is made in limited quantity, and anyway, new wine is meant to be consumed as new wine, so let’s taste it now.

Order it now (within Hungary)

For the future

Tóth Ferenc Winery is a family winery worth watching. Considerable results from year to year, perfect “hardware” (amazing vineyards in Eger) and “software” (devoted team led by Katalin Tóth, the founder’s daughter).

Tóth Ferenc wines in the UK

More about Tóth Ferenc Winery and wines

If you are looking for Tóth Ferenc wines, write to us! We will try to find the closest source to your location.

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