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Robb Report about the “finicky fungus”

The Wineguys explain how great sweet wines are born

Robb Report American magazine (founded in 1976) and its online version feature the finest cars, watches, whatever might raise the interest of the wealthiest including wine, obviously. Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen, the Wineguys contributing editors are well aware of the uniqueness of Tokaj wines from Hungary. No wonder their latest piece is precise and accurate explaining how botrytis cinerea, this finicky fungus works to create the greatest sweet wines on earth from Sauternes to Tokaj.

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What to pair Tokaji Aszú with

Since it is Sunday, it is worth highlighting the food pairing suggestion by the Wineguys. If you happen to have a bottle of Tokaji Aszú at home, here’s what to cook: “Tokaji Aszu goes with a wide variety of foods, so please don’t just relegate it to dessert. While it is delicious with ice cream or crème bruleé, it also pairs beautifully with savory foods such as duck or goose pâté, dishes made with gorgonzola or other blue cheeses, or spicy foods like Thai curries. It’s also a special treat with Peking Duck.” Absolutely agreed.

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The Robb Report article mentions some Tokaji Aszú wineries as well: Oremus, Royal Tokaji, Disznókő, Chateau Dereszla and Patricius, indeed, all of them are great wineries with stunning wines.

– In our cover photo you can see Patricius Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos. The 2007 vintage of this wine has been selected the 4th best wine of the world by Fine Magazine, and Patricius boasts several Decanter gold medals, top scores and also International Wine Challenge Trophies.

More about Patricius Winery
Patricius wines are imported to the United States by Citadella Imports

The other photo features the Tokaji Aszú of Chateau Dereszla, an estate with long history. The first written evidence of the cellar dates back to the beginning of the 15th century. After the collapse of the communist era Dereszla was purchased by a French company and later, in 2000 a French family renovated the ancient cellars and turned it into a modern winery. Since 2016 the winery has had Hungarian owner. Dereszla is well known for its great price value wines, even in the precious Tokaji Aszú segment they can offer affordable priced wines – though there are pricey ones as well in the portfolio.

More about Chateau Dereszla

Dereszla Tokaji Aszú wines are imported to the US by Cognac One

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