Vintage – a new sparkling wine from Dereszla

Swirling golden wine with speeding bubbles and sparks of Christmas sparklers – the short video of Dereszla Vintage will put us in “celebration mode” immediately. The new product is expected to be a favourite of the upcoming Christmas season.

The bottle fermented sparkling wine is made of the two main grape varieties of Tokaj: Furmint and Hárslevelű. Vintage 2017 is a brut méthode traditionnelle sparkling wine of subtle bubbles, varietal character and elegance on the nose, complex nose with toasty and yeasty notes along with fresh fruitiness. The wine is a perfect manifestation of Edit Bai head winemaker’s experimental spirit and careful winemaking attitude – she and her husband (who happens to be the estate manager) are crazy about each stainless steel tank and each barrel, they cherish them like their kids at home, they visit and taste them every day.

If you want to hear Edit speaking about her “children” in the cellar, listen to this recent talk by Winephabet Street about Kabar, a rare grape variety, but important for Dereszla.

The video is made by Spoti Studio.

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