4 Hungarian Gettogether

19 August – the 4th Hungarian Gettogether

It will be the world’s most pleasant battle which has ever happened to a medieval castle. Hungarian Gettogether is a moving summer wine event held annually, always in a different Hungarian wine region.

This year Villány wine region will host it at the stunning Castle of Siklós. The walk around tasting with the selected wineries is free of charge for the guests. Street food of outstanding quality will be available from the two Tri Advisor’s top Villány wine hotel, from the chefs of Gere Attila Mandula and Bock Óbor restaurants.

Bus transfer is provided for invited guests from Budapest to the event and back. For those who prefer to stay, some hotel recommendations are displayed on the website of the event.

Exhibitors – a top league

Babarczi Vineyard and Winery (Pannonhalma), Csányi Winery (Villány), Dúzsi Family Winery (Szekszárd),  Eszterbauer Winery (Szekszárd), Etyeki Kúria (Etyek), Gere Tamás & Zsolt Winery (Villány), Heumann Winery (Villány), Heimann & Sons (Szekszárd), Hilltop Neszmély (Neszmély), Koch Winery (Hajós–Baja & Villány), Lajver Wine Estate (Szekszárd), Mátra wine region, Vesztergombi Cellar (Szekszárd), Villa Sandahl (Badacsony), Vylyan Vineyard and Winery, Zsirai Winery (Tokaj).

Guest exhibitors

Vino Castillo – Hungary’s leading importer of Spanish wines

Pécs University Wine Estate – the winery of Institute of Viticulture and Enology of the University of Pécs, the wold’s 6th largest grape gene bank

More information about the event

If you are a non-Hungarian wine professional and you are interested in this event, let us know!

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