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A few years ago a fabulous book was written by Edit Szabó wine writer called Gyengébb? Nem!’ 

(The title is pun, almost impossible to translate. Well, yet, give it a try: ‘gyengébb nem’ means ‘the fair sex’, female. However ‘gyengébb’ means weaker, ‘nem’ means ‘no’, so the author’s poetic question: is the fairer sex weaker? And she answers right in the title: No, it isn’t!)

The book includes 26 interviews, all with female winemakers and 52 recipes and wine pairings. I used this book many times, I cooked several recipes and I shared some of them on

Today, first of all I want to thank you, Edit Szabó (in the collage in the middle) for this amazing book. And here you can find 6 recipes by 6 great wine women – shared by me, another women. Happy International Women’s Day!

Salad with nectarine rolled in ham and Ezerjó sauce

’If it’s Mór, then it should be Ezerjó. Wine makes you think, however Ezerjó makes you learn’ – says the winemaker. Csetvei Ezerjó was made in a traditional way, fermented in Hungarian oak (225 l) and matured in the same barrel for 3 months. „We have made it with great care and attention, in the hope of delivering the pleasure and passion of creation to the consumer”.

“Love” soufflé and Sol Montis Syrah

As we reported earlier, the Super 12 lists have been announced, and one of the newcomers on the list is Sol Montis winery from Mátra wine region. Now we will share Zita Kovács’s favourite dessert recipe, which pairs perfectly with the Syrah – one of the 12 best red wines according to the Hungarian wine writers. Mátra was first and foremost famous for its white wines, but black grapes gain more and more parcels in the vineyards. The winner Syrah comes from the first vintage of the vineyard. The nose is abundant in blueberries, as if we were standing in a garden full of the blue fruit.


The perfect venison to match Vylyan Villányi Franc

The below written recipe was often practiced by late Pál Debreczeni, the founder of Vylyan Vineyard and Winery. Though many years have passed since his sudden death, his family often makes this festive meal. Mónika Debreczeni, the head of the winery is glad to share this recipe with us.


Duck breast with Furmint risotto

This recipe is the favourite ones of a very young brave girl, who manages the suddenly inherited family vineyards (yes, plural!) with great care and attention, and with great success. She was only 23, when after her father’s sudden death she was left with no choice, but to go on starting a new career. They have terroirs in Villány, Somló and Mád (Tokaj), and since Mád territory is the largest one, she decided to move to Mád. As she says: „Risotto is not a lone wolf, you should set about making it only when you have time enough to pay attention to it”. She recommends Zsirai Középhegy Furmint to pair with this meal. „I love the beautiful vineyard from where the fruit for this wine comes from. A hint of flowers and loads of earthy tones on the nose. Firm acidity balanced with a little residual sugar.”

Carp crisps with Kadarka

Carp might not belong to the most noble species of fish, but in Hungary it is still popular, especially around the river Danube, where carp is an obligatory ingredient of fish soup. The wine regions near the Danube give significant amount of Kadarka wines, no wonder, carp and Kadarka have been partners for centuries here. Ágnes Heimann of Heimann Family Estate has a simple recipe, easy to make and it gives a wonderful “pub grub”.


Honeyed knuckle with Dereszla Kabar

Hungarian people eat quite a lot of pork, and I have just learnt the reason: during the 150 years of Turkish rule, the oppressors took all the household animals away, except for the pigs, for obvious religious reason. Thus the folks had no choice but to make the most of the only meat left. Then the Habsburg empire broadened the recipes of pork dishes, the following plate might originate in the era of the Austro–Hungarian Empire. The knuckle recipe is the favourite of Edit Bai, winemaker of Dereszla Winery in Tokaj.


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