Balaton Köveskál Furmint Day 2022

Furmint tasting of Balaton

Köveskál Furmint Day on 26 February

The tiny village of Köveskál (only 440 inhabitants) is a true gem with its lovely cottages and its great restaurants. We might say it is the gourmet heart of Balaton Uplands, the north coast of Lake Balaton.

Next weekend Köveskál with host the 4th annual Furmint February events starting on Friday with round table discussions and tastings for winemakers and welcoming consumers on Saturday with masterclass and walk around tasting. Visitors will have the chance to taste about 40 Furmint wines from 20 exhibitors on the 26th February, from 10.00 to 18.00. The four great restaurants offer special menus adjusted to Furmint wines all the weekend.

From all around the lake

Exhibitors represent all the subregions of Balaton, just to mention a few:

Borbély Family Winery from Badacsony,

Vivien Újvári, the chief winemaker of Barta Winery in Tokaj, but making wines in Badacsony wine region as well,

Garamvári Vineyard with bottle fermented sparkling wines made of Furmint, from South Balaton,

Zsolt Palkó, chief winemaker of Villa Sandahl with his own project.


Tickets and more information

Furmint from a virgin vineyard

Borbély Family Winery never rushes with the wines to the market, they know that time is a crucial ingredient of wines. No wonder, we can encounter older vintages of Borbély wines on the shelves, even though they make only white wines. Borbély Family Winery released its first Furmint not long ago, it is vintage 2019. The vines were planted in 2015, this is the first vintage. Half of the wine was matured in stainless steel, while the other half was aged in 500 L oak barrel. The residual sugar (4 gram) is nicely balanced with its 7.2 acidity. Fruity character with lovely minerality.

More about Borbély Family Winery

Restaurants of Köveskál

Fun fact: this region is full of basalt stones, houses, even churches are built of stones. ‘Stone’ is ‘kő’ in Hungarian, and we can see ‘kő’ in every name, just like in every house. ‘Köves’ means ‘stony’.

– Kővirág 
– Mi a kő
– Káli Art Inn
Káli Gourmet Bistro & Delicatesse

Venue of the walk around tasting: Köveskál ‘Kultúrház’ (‘House of Culture’)

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Köveskál restaurant
Furmint and its food pairings at local gourmet restaurants
Furmint tasting in village Köveskál, Balaton
Furmint tasting in village Köveskál, Balaton

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