Changes – some unusual Christmas thoughts

Sometimes we are sick and tired with the cheesy Christmas cards. Especially when we are having hard times, and empty words do not help. Let us share some different “merry Christmas” messages.

2020 – yes, it has been a hard year. But thanks God, we always had some wine in our glass. And how about the winemakers? They are humans, just like you are. They have difficult days, they experience joy as well as sorrow, so do we, wine writers. So, what we ask you now, for a second, is that please, think of the person, the people behind the glass. Lives, stories. It’s Christmas. Changes are sometimes hard, but after a change there is always something new. Just a few examples here, but we could go on telling stories forever.

1. Gere Attila Winery – New vibration

The best change is when a new human being comes to life – and with Gere Attila Winery the year 2020 started with the arrival of the newest grandson, Ádám. It was before all the gloominess of the pandemic arrived. We all wish we could forget everything after the birth of this blessed child.
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Babarczi Zsuzsanna

2. Babarczi Family Winery – Oh, mother!

Look at this strong, ambitious lady! She is part of the family winery, of which someone has just passed away. Zsuzsanna’s mother, the founder’s wife, the “mom” of the estate has left to a place where glass is always full. The first Christmas without her must be hard. Let us send her our condolences.
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Taschner winter vineyard

3. Taschner Wine House – hey, how about the planet?

Kurt Taschner is keen about posting stunning photos day by day. Around Christmas he wanted to share a lovely photo with snow around – but we do not have any snow. We have unusual high temperature, so Kurt was left with no choice, but to share an earlier photo. Yes, he and we are all longing for some normal climate circumstances! Climate change is not the change we wish.

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Csetvei Krisztina

4. Csetvei Cellar – always a family

Krisztina Csetvei is amazing – as we have said hundred times, but we must keep repeating, because indeed she is. A person with infinite energies, with unique wines and – which is the most important around Christmas – with the ability to create a community. Csetvei Garden is the ultimate place for winelovers, whatever the circumstances are. Her little daughter, Panna is older now – the changes of our kids are always astonishing.
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Sabar group photo

5. Sabar Wine House – Sabarism, the new philosophy

Have you heard of impressionism? Cubism? Dadaism? Forget all. Sabarism is the new trend:) “More and more people like spending time here with a growing family and a growing circle of friends, and sometimes you celebrate important anniversaries with us. When you are here, it is like spending college years together. The most essential thing is being together, laugh and share experiences, just like back in school. This is what sabarism means to us. Relaxed and cheerful moments, days, tearful laughs, emotions, tranquility.” Sabar Wine House, this small estate on the small hill makes great wine, and also made a great change: it created a whole new word for those who experience sabarism.
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Florian Zaruba

6. Kristinus Wine Estate – closer to nature

This South Balaton winery is deep in the transition into a more natural way of viticulture and vinification. No more gas masks – spreading the vines is not biohazard at Kristinus any more. The person behind is Florian Zaruba, the CEO, a man who lives around the estate, a man who breathes together with the estate.
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Nemeth Agnes

7. The writer publishes a new piece of news almost every day. All the emails sent to us are answered. The person behind the words is me, Ágnes Németh. This year is a year of change for me as well. May God give me strength to continue.

I wish a happier new year to all of our readers – in the name of all of our partner wineries:

Babarczi, Barta, Béres, Bock, Borbély, Csányi, Csetvei, Dereszla, Dubicz, Dúzsi, Eszterbauer, Etyeki Kúria, Frittmann, Garamvári, Gere Attila, Gere Tamás & Zsolt, Grand Tokaj, Haraszthy, Heumann, Hilltop, Koch, Kovács Nimród, Kristinus, Lajver, Paulus, Patricius, Sabar, Sauska, Taschner, Thummerer, Tornai, Tóth Ferenc, Tűzkő, Vesztergombi, Villa Sandahl, Vylyan, Zsirai.

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